Let God Love You!

The Power of the Three Stranded Prayer©
Sheila Mangum


You are GREAT and most worthy to be praised. (Psalm 145:3) There is NONE like You. (Jeremiah 10:6) You are the God who sees. (Genesis 16:13) You see Your daughter is in desperate need of Your love and attention. (Psalm 121:1-8) Your heart yearns for her wholeness. (John 5:5-7)  Your desire is for her heart to explode with Your love. Your love is safe for her. It will not wound. (Psalm 147:3) Your love heals and delivers. It will NOT leave. (Deuteronomy 31:8)

Father, stoop down this minute and give Your daughter the attention she needs today. (Psalm 18:35)  She feels alone. She feels weak. Therefore, fill her days with laughter, love, and beauty. (Proverbs 17:22) Strengthen her spirit to receive Your healing love. Even if she feels like running from you, chase her down. Prove to Your daughter You are faithful no matter what! (2 Timothy 2:13)

Give her encouragement when she expects it the least. (1 John 4:19) Give her mercy when she feels the least to deserve it. (Ephesians 2:4) Give her whispers of love into her heart when she feels sad. (Psalm 73:26) Let her taste and see that You are good.  She is fortunate because YOU are Faithful and True! (Revelation 19:11) “O taste and see that the Lord [our God] is good! Blessed (happy, fortunate, to be envied) is the woman who trusts and takes refuge in Him.” Psalm 34:8 (AMP)

Father, wipe her tears today and love her like she deserves to be loved. (Revelation 21:4)

Sister, Let God Love YOU. And RETURN TO YOUR FIRST LOVE. (Revelation 2:4)

In the Mighty Name of Jesus we have prayed.
Amen and Amen,
I love you,

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  1. Thank you God Bless you all. AMEN

  2. Suzanne Stout says:

    Thank you for this prayer, at this time. If speaks to me personally.
    Amen and Amen!

  3. carolyn willis says:

    thank you Sheila for your beautiful prayer. It ministered to my heart. I am glad that I ‘syumbled’ upon your blog and thanking the loving Savior who caused me to stumble upon it. I have read some of the comments and did not know you had written a book with these God bless you for your caring heartprayers in it. I will be looking for it to read and give my daughter one as well.

  4. Amen!!

  5. That is an extraordinary prayer that I intend to read again and again!

    Sent here from Renee Swope’s blog…

    I would love to give a copy of the devotional to my pastor’s wife who I think would be lifted up by these truths being delivered to her.

  6. Mippy/Sabrina says:

    I love this prayer! Thank you. I read this via Renee Swope. I hope you have a beautiful day 🙂

  7. Thank You Shelia for your prayer of encouragement!! Your words ” do a Heart good”. You are such a refreshment to my weary lonely soul. God has given me answers through your prayers and im praying for courage to STAND STRONG and for God’s wisdom to empower me to receive HIS WILL and HIS BEST for my life. Will you help me pray?? I read this prayer through Renee Swoope’s blog and I’m very grateful for each of you. May God Bless you both. Amen!! 🙂

  8. Amen

  9. Tura Klepfer says:

    Just read your prayer and today I am so not worthy! My attitude has been so bad with my husband today. I so needed to read it but feel so unworthy, unlovable and so unchristian. GOD please forgive me! Amen

  10. LuV it Sheila!
    Powerful and beautiful…

  11. I have read Renee’s book 2x and have been to an event where she was speaking. I love her honesty. I would give one of the books to the church library.

  12. Susan Smith-Allen says:

    Oh by the way, Sheila, I love your prayer today. You have a wonderful way with prayer–it is a wonderful gift. I love praying with Bible verses, too. It is the best way to talk to Him and He listens and answers every time. Thank you.

  13. Susan Smith-Allen says:

    Hi Sheila! I am hopping over to you from Renee Swope’s Blog to thank you, along with Renee, for sharing an excerpt from her “A Confident Heart Devotional” Book. I love it– I got the e-book FREE on Valentine’s Day and it is wonderful. I am so happy to have it. Now I am entering the contest to win the autographed copy of “A Confident Heart”. I would love to read that, too. If I got the two copies I would give one to my best friend of 40 years. We both have issues of “self-doubt” and I know she would appreciate it. Thank you again for sharing. Susan Smith-Allen

  14. Susan Gruener says:

    Hi Sheila,
    Your prayer is life-changing because it is praying the Word of God! Thank you so much for encouraging us women!
    Blessings to you!

  15. Kathi Pride says:

    How beautiful. Amen!

  16. AMEN!

  17. Yes and Amen

  18. Ellen Schumaker says:

    I truly believe that we can never learn enough about God’s love for us and allowing Him to do so! For that reason, I would LOVE to be the recipient of two copies of your book! I also have a friend that I have been reaching out to, in faith, praying that she’ll come to know Jesus as her Personal Savior. She needs to be affirmed with the fact that God loves her, no matter what. Pam is her name, would you please pray for her? Thanks!

  19. AMEN! to your beautiful prayer LET GOD LOVE YOU.

  20. I am late to the comments…. I would like a copy of this devotional as I had tried to do the online bible study of Renee’s book last fall but was unable to complete it. I didn’t know about the devotional book with truth statements until a friend sent me the email about it yesterday. We both seem to be struggling with confident hearts and I thought perhaps the devotional book might help each of us work through some difficult times.

  21. I love her book and re-read it often. I can’t wait for the devotional! I have a good friend who has been going through a tough time and would give the extra copy to her! 🙂

  22. Danielle Battaglia says:

    It is so beautiful and powerful to pray scriptures! His holy word spoken aloud! Thank you for sharing this! I am part of 2 small groups that are learning just how powerful speaking/praying His word is and this book would be such an awesome complement!

  23. I’d love to read Renee’s devotional. I loved the book and devotional would be great to read everyday! I’d share one with my co-worker, Jen!

  24. Thank you for the prayer. I needed it today. May God continue to bless you with the gift of prayer. It always seems to touch me and help me. Thanks be to God.

  25. P.S. I love your prayers. Thank you for blessing my heart so many times.
    Annie M

  26. I would be blessed to win. I love Renee Swoope. If I win I would give one to my sister who is going through a tough time. I would very much like to win. Thanks~

  27. I would love this book. My friend, Donna, and I who get together on a weekly basis are going through The Unburdened Heart. Just today she mentioned that she would like to go through The Confidant Heart soon. So I would share this book with her so we can again study it together. 🙂 I love your prayers, Sheia, and I often share them with Donna also.
    Thank you.

    • Sheila Mangum says:

      Sylvia, I LOVE YOU and have missed praying for you and Donna so much! Didn’t you love The Unburdened Heart?! Praying Confident Heart blessed you just as much. Big Hugs, Sheila

  28. Sheila, I have so missed your Three Stranded Prayers! Prayed it both for myself and my daughter who came to mind immediately! It was a blessing to receive your blog email and read the prayer again in Renee’s post. If I were to win the devotionals, I would give one to my daughter as she is just truly beginning her journey in relationship with Jesus! Anticipating your prayers in my inbox. Thank you! God bless!

  29. Caroline McGinnis says:

    I would love to win the Confident Heart Devotional books because I have read A Confident Heart and enjoyed it a lot. It was also the first study I did with Proverbs 31, and I received a lot from it. I want to give the second book to a girl at church who has been studying the Bible, but is having difficulties making that affirmation of faith to receive Jesus as her Lord and Savior. After a brief conversation with her just the other day I feel that something from her past is stopping her and this book can help her with her confidence as it did for me. I will forever be grateful to Rene for obeying the Lord and writing it. May Jesus bless you and keep you strong. Thank you in advance for considering me.

  30. Jenn Castano says:

    I’m mentoring 2 very special young ladies and would love to walk through this book with them– or with my BFF a newlywed with a heart of gold!!

    • Sheila Mangum says:

      Blessings on your time with God as you fill up to love on these special women Jenn. You are amazing! I admire you. Love, Sheila

  31. Polly Schneider says:

    I loved Renee’s” A Confident Heart ” book and would love to win the devotional and I would give the other one to my daughter, she really needs to have more confidence in her life. We all to, so this devotional is for us, that’s for sure.

  32. Estrella Navarrete says:

    Praise God. I would like to receive the book so I can be filled with an inspiration, with love, on a daily basis. Being a 30-year-old female, divorced after 5 years of marriage and told by my cardiologist that I will not be able to have children, I find it hard at times to feel love and love others. I know God is love, I believe it. I would love this devotional about being & having a confident heart. It’s what I need at the time. I would share it with my friend Deanna that struggles in her new relationship, after having gone through a miscarriage and failed marriage as well. I am helping her turn to God to find the love and comfort that she needs. xo

    • Sheila Mangum says:

      Awwww Estrella, YOU are loved, adored and treasured. I teared up reading you are helping your friend turn to God when you having a hard time feeling love. I PRAY GOD COMFORTS YOU with the TRUTH HE IS DEVOTED TO YOU. Love YOU, Sheila

  33. I would love to win this book because, frankly, I am tired of not having a confident heart. I know God’s word is living and active. A book, based on scripture, can heal my heart. I will share this book with a friend who also struggles with the same feelings.

  34. I needed these words this morning. Feeling weak and afraid. Thank you.

  35. I would love to share this book with a friend at work. We’ve become closer over the past few months as we share in the similar struggle of our disintegrating marriages. I’m sure some extra confidence would help us both right now.

    • Sheila Mangum says:

      How beautiful of God to bless you with this friend Jen. He is Faithful and True, to YOU. He will be Your confidence and the Healer of your heart. Love YOU, Sheila

  36. I wold love to win this book. Self-doubt is one of my biggest challenges, and always has been. If I won, I would share this book with my daughter, because she follows in her mother’s footsteps.

    • Sheila Mangum says:

      Praying for you and your sweet daughter Denise. God will strengthen both your hearts with His incredibly healing love. YOU ARE LOVED, Sheila

  37. Enjoy reading your blog & would love to receive this gift to share w/ my mother. Mom is 87 & lives in Indiana w/ me, @ Christmas I took her to winter w/ my brother in Georgia. On jan 26 she fell and fractured her pelvis. I flew to her and after spending a couple days in hosp she was released. We are staying in a extended stay motel until she can travel back to Indiana, as my brother is unable to care for her. I know Renee’s devotional would bless us both during this time.

    • Sheila Mangum says:

      Awww praying for your mom Bonne! What a blessing you have each other! Praying God give you strength, wisdom and beautiful days together. LOVE YOU, Sheila

  38. My college friend and sister in Christ of 25 years who is unemployed and uninsured is struggling with incredible stress and uncertainty as she faces a biopsy next week to determine whether a lump in her breast is cancerous or not. I am planning on visiting her and Renee’s book would be a wonderful gift to encourage her to be confident in our loving Father who holds her in His hand. And the other copy would encourage me as I start a new full time job at the end of the month after being a stay at home mom/part timer the past 10 years.

    • Sheila Mangum says:

      Praying for you and your friend Suzanne. You are God’s hand of love to her I am sure. Praying God shows up in a mighty way, as He always does, to those who put their trust in Him. I love YOU, Sheila

  39. I would love to win this devotional because I have always struggled with doubt and she I read Renee’s book it really changed how I looked at my role as one of God’s children! I know this book would be a wonderful reminder each day of God’s promises. I would share this with Kirsten – as a young woman getting ready to go off to college, I know she would enjoy and benefit from daily readings in this devotional!

  40. To fill my heart and mind with the promises and truth of God’s love rather than the lies the enemy whispers constantly! I would share this copy with my mother.

  41. Julie Mays says:

    I am struggling with self doubt, and trying to stand firm in my faith even when Satan’s snares are aimed directly at my heart and mind. I’m praying for complete and total confidence in God’s love to heal my broken heart and relationship. I have a dear friend that has stood by me through this horrible heart wrenching situation and has poured out her heart to God on my behalf. I love her dearly. I would definitely givethe second book to her because I know that through her dedication and support for me she has her own struggles and doubts. I DONT know what I would do without her. I ask you to please pray for both of us. God Bless you and this ministry. Amen. I LOVE YOU!!

    • Sheila Mangum says:

      I LOVE YOU JULIE! God will silence Satan’s HUMONGOUS lies with His EXTRAVAGANT LOVE. Your treasured friend is His love to you! Blessed are YOU my sister! LOVE YOU SO!

    • Sheila Mangum says:

      Julie:) You are the winner! Can you give me your email address? LOVE YOU!

  42. I need this book as I am trying to stand for my marriage. I need to remember God loves me and will bring my husband back home. I would share this book with my daughter. She is having a difficult time seeing her parents marriage storm. Your prayer blog is very comforting to me. Thank you!

    • Sheila Mangum says:

      Praying for your marriage Marcia. God will strengthen your heart and love you and your daughter like you have never been loved before. He promises. LOVE YOU! Sheila

  43. I would like this book…I recently lost a job after we found out we’re expecting our first (together)…am dealing with missing my stepson…unable to go to church regularly because of bad weather lately… I would give the copy to my stepsons bio mom in hopes that it would strengthen our bond and restore trust…

    • Sheila Mangum says:

      So happy about the new baby Stacy! Praying for God to heal your heart and your health. You are His treasure! Love YOU! Sheila

  44. I need to read this book so badly! I am crippled by self doubt, but want desperately to live with a confident heart. Thank you for the chance to win!

  45. Halona Luna says:

    I would love to win this because I love how she uses the scripture in prayers. She is such a blessing and I really need this right now. I was recently told some bad news about my health and I know God can cover me!!


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