Hurricane Matthew

The Power of the Three Stranded Prayer Family,

Let us know below (in the comment section) if you or anyone you love are in the path of Hurricane Matthew; so we can be praying for you!

We are praying God’s hand of protection over you and yours.

Much Love and many prayers for you,


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  1. Amen. Thank you for this prayer. God spoke through you to pray to meet my need .

  2. We are from Brunswick, GA but evacuated to a friend’s lake house in the middle of the state. Today we have gotten pictures of unbelievable flooding in our coastal area during high tide. The storm itself will pass by or through between 8 and midnight tonight. I’m grateful for prayers covering all aspects of this serious storm!

  3. For my dear mother Susan Hoffman who lives in Sebastian Florida. Thank you so much for your email and the covering of prayer.

  4. My nephew Josh and his wife Christina and their 2 young sons. Josh just took a Pastor’s position there 3 months ago, very different from living in California his whole life.

  5. Stephanie says:

    Thank you, Sheila. I have numerous family members that are in the path of the storm. Some of the coast in the Melbourne area others slightly inland in Jacksonville. Those in Melbourne evacuated to Orlando to a friends home. Also please keep those in Haiti in your prayers. I read yesterday that only 1% of the homes remained in Haiti.

  6. Patricia Davey says:

    Yes I have a Niece (Leah ) and her 16 year old daughter that just gave birth to a little girl in Monday (My Great great Niece) they are in Daytona Beach besides the hurricane New Mom (Destiny) is having some issues . they are home ..currently doing okay aside from not having lights

  7. Farrah Franklin says:

    I pray for all the people and families that are in Florida during the hurricane Matthew may everyone be safe God bless you amen

  8. My aunt & uncle, Maria and Charles and my adult cousins and their families. My aunt, Estrella; my cousin, Jeannie and her little girl. In Coral Springs, FL. Thanks so much.

  9. Several friends Richard,Steve,Joshuas Golden Retriever Rescue House, Awesome people that help animals.

  10. Elizabeth says:

    We live in mount pleasant, sc and I left without preparing the house since I had my three boys and two dogs alone- pray for our whole area and for the people in its path- and for Haiti- they have been devastated

    • Sheila Mangum says:

      Yes Elizabeth! Praying for Haiti to restore and heal! Praying you are protected and home soon safe with your loved one! You are loved, Sheila

  11. jan wright says:

    My Niece Danae and Nephew David in St Lucie prayers for there safety.

  12. Please pray for my family, parents Katie & Homer and all within their household, my brothers Johnnie and Gregory along with my husband, my children and me.

  13. Jenn Albright says:

    My brother Brian, his wife Katie and daughters Sophie and Ella are in Jacksonville FL

  14. Christina Dumas says:

    My brother and his family are in Orlando and I have several family members and friends that live up the eastern shore.

  15. nancys1128 says:

    Many high school classmates in FL and the Carolinas.
    Not sure of impact but our son Nick is in Birmingham, AL

  16. Christina says:

    Chris,Christina,Sara, Eric in Florida
    Karen, Greg, Ashley South Carolina
    Caleb North Carolina
    Various ladies from OBS Proverbs 31
    Justin, Natalie, Taylor, Jack, Justice, Caroline Florida

  17. Please pray for my daughter in Orlando. And for all in the path of the storm to be safe.

  18. I have several family members that have been evacuated due to the hurricane in Florida. Please keep them in your prayers alone with everyone else. God bless you

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