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The Power of the Three Stranded Prayer Family:

Today I have a guest! My friend Lynn Cowell, author of the new Bible study, Make Your Move: Finding Unshakable Confidence Despite Your Fears and Failures. I am thrilled to introduce you to this beautiful-hearted woman and her new heart-changing Bible Study! Leave a word of encouragement or a prayer in the comment section for her and the launch of her new book and you qualify for a free copy! Or, click here to order on AMAZON today to change your hurting, aching, fearful, regret filled world into a courageous prayer! Xo

Loveeeeeeee YOU,

A Chain of Courage
Lynn Cowell

Each day I started my workday by telling myself, You can do this! It’s not a big deal. For many people the task I needed to complete was simple – something they could accomplish in a few short minutes. But it wasn’t for me.

Even though this simple act would help others in their walk with Jesus, that motivation wasn’t enough to push me through. The fear of failure crippled me. I finally found the courage I needed to push past my phobia when a story leapt off the page and into my heart.

The first two chapters of the book of Exodus tell the tale of a chain of courage – one act of fearlessness prompting another until the whole of these women’s actions changed history.

Act 1: Shiphrah and Puah, midwives in Egypt, are commanded by Pharaoh to kill all males as soon as they are born. Exodus 1:17 tells us, “The midwives, however, feared God and did not do what the king of Egypt had told them to do; they let the boys live.”

What bravery these women showed in obeying God rather than Pharaoh!

Act 2: Jochebed, the mother of Moses, courageously decides she will not obey Pharaoh, either. Rather than kill her son, she hides him at home. When she can no longer keep his existence a secret, she puts this one she loves in a basket, hiding him in the Nile River.

Jochebed’s faith to take the risk of hiding a baby and putting him in a river is compelling!

Act 3: Miriam, Moses’ sister, stands by, watching the basket boat. But she isn’t just observing. When Pharaoh’s daughter calls for the basket to be brought to her, this grit of a girl steps up and addresses the princess, giving royalty advice on how the child can be taken care of.

Do you see the chain effect one woman’s courage had on another’s?

Shiphrah and Puah decided to go against Pharaoh together.

Jochebed, in the same steps of the midwives, chose courage instead of compromise.

I have no doubt that Jochebed inspired her daughter to show her prowess to the princess.

I want to be a part of a chain effect of courageousness, too!

As a young mother, my mom stepped out of her social norm, embraced Jesus as her Savior and became a prayer warrior for her eight children. Even though several were already adults when she came to know Christ, through her prayers and life testimony, all of us serve Him today.

Seeing my mother’s fearless faith gives me courage to make a difference in my world. Seeing God answer her prayers for her children empowers me to pray for my children’s salvation, asking God that they will follow the steps of Miriam – on the lookout for where God can use them – and when the time is right, boldly step up with the wisdom God gives them.

Friend, where are you in a chain of courage?

Is God calling you to be the first in your family to break out? To step up and bravely make decisions to bring God’s redemption to your family line? To redefine “normal” in your family’s legacy?

Maybe like me, you are blessed to have witnessed the courage of another, and it’s empowered you to be brave. We have to be careful not to grow comfortable or complacent when we’re in the middle of the chain but instead be empowered by the Holy Spirit to keep courage going.

We can start by:

1. Praying for courage.
2. Surrounding ourselves with others who are courageous.
3. Reading stories of others who’ve been courageous in the Bible or in books.

Let’s be brave. Let’s display daring boldness and in turn, teach others to be courageous.

Want to learn more about the Women of Exodus and other women in the Bible who found the courage to make their move? Check out Lynn’s new Bible study, Make Your Move: Finding Unshakable Confidence Despite Your Fears and Failures. CLICK HERE! 

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Bio: Lynn Cowell is a national conference speaker who is passionate about helping women of all ages understand the importance of Christ confidence. She is the author of several books including her newest study for women, Make Your Move: Finding Unshakable Confidence Despite Your Fears and Failures, and Brave Beauty: Finding the Fearless You, just for girls ages 8 – 12. Lynn and her husband, Greg, have been married for over 30 years and are the parents of three young adults. They enjoy spending time together, especially when it combines the mountains, well-worn sweatshirts, and anything with chocolate and peanut butter. Connect with Lynn today on her website.

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  1. Dear Lord,
    we thank you that you gave Lynn the inspiration, perseverance and wisdom to write this book.
    I pray that you will protect her during this busy period of the launch and that you will guide her every step during the process, including all decision making that still needs to be done.
    Please open doors for her, speaking opportunities and book events in places and audiences that are beyond her vision and imagination.
    I also pray that you will lead women to this book who desperately need to hear and absorb the message of this book and the message that You want to tell them through this book. Help these women to find out about this book, get their hands on it and set aside the time to read through it properly, no matter their current circumstances in life. Speak to them through this book. Encourage them. Strengthen them.
    In Jesus’ name we ask for these things and we thank you ahead of time, Amen.

  2. Tami McKenzie says:

    I am a single mom of 5 children that I support on my own. I was recently laid off from my job and decided to do a career change. I am excited about this change and I believe God lead me to it, but it’s a commission only career and I’m paralyzed by fear. I’m afraid every day that I don’t have what it takes to succeed in it. That I won’t be able to pay my bills or feed my children. I know God has put you in my path on purpose, and I am grateful for that. I can’t wait to read your book!
    May God bless your faithfulness!

  3. Love that you have recognized the need for women to be courageous in God’s Word, and examples. I am already encouraged by your testimony. I too have adult children that I pray for, but yet often feel as if I have missed the mark while they were younger. I pray that God will use your book as a tool for many to find their courage in Him.

  4. Your Bible Study seems to be just for me. I have a problem with fear. I fear my family will not have enough money because my husband’s job won’t give him 40 hours a week of work. He needs to work and when his boss won’t give him 40 a week, he gets down on himself. His self-confidence is not always where it should be. Thank you for this Bible Study and I hope to do it.

  5. Debra Price says:

    Father God, your child Lynn has proven to be a warrior for the women of your word. We know that you will prove her book to be as well. Thank you Father God for all you have done and what your still doing in this process. Amen!

    Lynn, it’s a wonderful book and I know there are so may of us out there that needs the encouragement and love as you show us on how to be that warrior. Thank you for doing so!

  6. Thank you for giving us a guideline to being bold and courageous through God’s Word. Been striving for this for several years. Pray for me to finally Let go and Let God

  7. Lynn, I pray that your books open the eyes of all woman and young ladies. I ask the Lord bless the works of your hands and be used mightily. My confidence was shot down three years ago, I was a pastor, healing rooms, counseled, loved seeing people set free. But I got my feet knocked right out from under me. Anxiety, panic and fear have taken a toll on my life where I don’t even leave my home. Three years ago in June my daughter ran away, totally out of character and I didn’t even have a clue anything was wrong. I personally fell apart, she not only was my daughter but we were best friends. We did everything together, never in my wildest dreams she would not be in my life. Four months later my mom died unexpectedly, I was already dealing with heartache and my world became my home. I shut down from everyone and everything. Five weeks later my mother in law called, she was diagnosed with brain and lung cancer. She passed away holding my hands eleven weeks later. Then my grandma died four weeks after that. I crawled into a box and that is where I have been. So scared to come out, my husband is an amazing man, he tries his best to help me. He’s always telling me that he misses me. I know with all my heart I’m still here because God is my strength. He holds me up in His arms, He is the only one I trust. My prayers are that my daughter returns, and I get delivered of all anxiety’s and fears. That I can go back out into the world and preach His love. God bless you Lynn

  8. Hilda Quintanilla says:

    WONDERFUL ENCOURAGEMENT! Through a series of hardships, I came to the Lord, the first in the lineage of countless generations of devout Roman Catholics, myself included. I almost lost my family and my marriage of 5 years, then. BUT GOD, stepped in, brought my parents, my 3 sisters, my brother and my husband to His saving knowledge! We’ll be celebrating 17 years of marriage this coming January! We’ve been growing & serving the Lord since and it’s been a glorious journey! We’ve led a home based fellowship for many years now. Recently, our spiritual son was ordained as a youth pastor! To God be the glory! Thank U for this new study!

  9. Dolores E. Green says:

    Yes, I was just here. I posted a long heart to heart comment, lost it. I want this to be given the attention it is worth, so I am trying again. Lynn’s, Study-Make Your Move showed up a few days ago in my facebook feed then on Youtube. it was during a time of great distress, and honestly..I am not exactly out of the woods yet, but I praise. This moving message is so needed in a world that is broken. I am broken. Surviving the devastation of physical, emotional, spiritual, and sexual abuse throughout my life after traumatic brain injuries, trauma, complicated grief issues, losses after God miraculously saved me from an occult that I did not even know I was in. A life that was broken by domestic violence and threats that I did not even know who I was except I prayed. My prayers are what God heared, and an intimate relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ was birthed. A call and ministry were birthed but I was too young to understand it all and devastated by all the blows to my head and elsewhere, so I stumbled through life looking for the lost ME. Somewhere I forgot who I was in God. It was probably after I felt the sting of abuse so long that I thought God was angry at me for some unpardonable sin that the occult taught I was doing when I spoke out against the abuse of their leader for years of sexually abusing me. I thought God was punishing me, and wow if God is mad at you and everyone in your small world rejects you even as a child, adolescent, then young adult then where else is there. to go? I have found myself, and reconnected with my true self after years of just not knowing through Lynn’s videos on youtube and Proverbs31 ministry pages of her friends. It happened around Black Friday which I typically do not pay attention to. I lost my job as a social worker after all the abuse. I tried to make my move several times even obtaining a doctorate degree in divinity just to learn that just like Lynn has done-we do not need a college degree to do what GOD has predestined us to do. I am still learning and growing into what GOD has for me. I am still waking up from the not knowing, if you will. Broken so much by life, walked away from all of it to just fall into the bosom of Jesus and weep for years as I made the very best choices I could but so many times missing the mark. My brain was not able to comprehend the messages God placed before me daily so I just wept, but when I saw and heard Lynn share this message from her real heart. I was more awaken than ever. GOD did not forget me. He was not mad at me. He was pursuing me with an absolute personal and profound LOVE that I had never known until recently. I was always praying but I was not comprehending. I knew if I did not pray then I would be literally dead. Satan had sought me out at conception to kill me, and I made my move to run back to Jesus’ bosom and weep even more after I saw the very first video of this study-Make Your Move by Lynn Cowell. Sheila, thank YOU for having Lynn here today, and I could sure use both of your prayers as I continue to heal and now my move is in several ways. I am leaving such an abusive marriage after being widowed 21 years, and I am 53 years old. My whole life has been traumatized, BUT GOD..walked in and said enough is enough and through His awesome singing over me until I could physically, mentally, and spiritually walk again now leaves me right in the place to Make My Move for Jesus beginning with the small blessings of every day life and knowing God’s biggest plan for me are beyond a small apartment, alone, in a town where most churches have not received me for fears I am not even aware of. I love with a deep and real heart. Sometimes, this has caused me to misunderstand myself, God, and others-But my gut and God given vision is usually right. Some of the rejection is so real. No one understands the call on my life here but a few people so Make My Move might just be my invitation to another state to have a fresh new start after all this pain here, where I can have access to programs, services, people who do love me, and more in the direction of where God told me HE needs me anyway. I will not be hasty, but I desire your prayers to hear God about HOW to go about this. My miracle has come. I am home to myself. God wants me to Make My Move, and this message in this study is what our lost and dying world needs too. God pursues us with a passion that we cannot deny is personal, and He always has the last say. I give HIM ALL the glory, praise, and honor. I will trust Him for this study so I can keep listening, hearing, and praying as He leads me to my next place of promise spiritually, physically, emotionally, and even financially. I am sorry I missed the deal on Black Friday but a disability check only shows up on the 1st or the 3rd of each month, so it leaves no leverage for those living on disability. I believe God wants to do a new thing and I am ready to Make My Move whatever this means. Please pray God will give me greater understanding about how, what, where, and help me find favor in seeing it through. Thank You Lynn for being so real. Thank You, Sheila for having this woman of God and Faith on your page today. I think I lost my last post because this one is more from the heart. 🙂 Thank You, Ladies. Mutual Prayers to you both.

  10. Thank you for giving us a chance to win.thank u for teaching us how to be bold and confident and to move in faith not fear

  11. Sheila, thank you so much for having!

    Please pray for me … I need to have courage to have a hard conversation.

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