Prayer Requests and Praises!

Prayer Requests

Dear Power of the Three Stranded Prayer Family,

This page is for you to leave your PRAYER REQUESTS and PRAISE REPORTS! This will not be sent to your email like the prayers. This page is here for you to come and pour your heart out! Also, to leave encouragement for others by leaving testimonies and praises of what the Most High God has done for His beloved, adored, and abundantly cared for children! Leave your PRAYER REQUESTS and PRAISES in the below comment section. We will respond with AMEN’S, scripture, and encouragement! This page is for you to cry out to God and allow others to raise your hands up, agree with God’s will for you, and to encourage you with His hope, love, and faithfulness. He is the God of the miraculous, answered prayers, and the impossible!

When Moses’ hands grew tired, they took a stone and put it under him and he sat on it.
Aaron and Hur held his hands up–one on one side, one on the other–so that his hands remained steady till sunset.
Exodus 17:12

So let’s pray!

May it be so!

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  1. My HOD and 4 of her friends are i making my life a bitter one. Now I have vacation. But I am mentally ill even when I think of my job or anything related to it. That lady irritated my life a lot. Please my Lord transfer her to a nearby place to her house. She behaves very cruel to all. Bit everybody keep quiet just because of the fear of loosing job and suffer to great extend. I am suffering a lot. Please pray god. I can’t enjoy a single moment of my vacation because I have to go to job in next week. With heavy heart I beg your prayer.

    • Dear H
      I know that it’s not easy to be around people that are cruel. They go out of their way to upset others. My prayer for you is peace, The Fathers peace to fall upon you and fill you with His joy. Reach for Him, He knows what it’s like to be mocked, hurt, rejected more than any of us. Take the Lords hand and just sit there with Him, talk to Him about all your going through. Just like you talk to a friend. He knows all and He knows your heart. Let Him cover you in the shadow of His wings. So you can find peace and rest in Him, no matter the trials. Let every word, action, these people say and do roll off your back. Remember who you are, a child of God. Take His strength and stand, even if you don’t feel it right now, Gods got you, He loves you, and He wants nothing more than for you to run to Him. God bless you

    • You’re in our prayers

  2. Please pray for these long menstrual cycles to regulate, my high blood pressure and swelling ankles. What ever is going on in my body to HEAL IN JESUS NAME. Pray for my son Micky & Pica’s HEALTH and please pray for My aunt Vicky has stage 4 brain cancer.

    • Candi
      I lift you up to the Lord like the women with the issue of blood. She just knew in her heart that if she touched the hem of His garment, she would be well. Invision this for your life, feel the healing power of the Lord flow through your body. I also lift Micky and Picas up to You Father, touch their lives like never before. Heal their bodies. I also lift Vicky up to You Father, wrap her in Your healing arms of love. Remove this brain cancer from her, let her live and not die and declare the works of You Lord. In Jesus name.

  3. Monica Marte says:

    Please pray with me for my third son. He has chosen to hide and has been hard and even cruel. Pride and past wounds have kept him bound. Recently he left home where myself and his sister were helping him. Please pray for him to turn back to Jesus. Please keep him safe.

  4. Please pray for a dear lost soul. Outside influences are keeping him from God’s best. Friends and family have encouraged him to remove the people and things holding him back from achieving a God filled saved soul. Please lift him up in your prayers. Pray God will burden his heart and lead him to the foot of the Cross and for him to realize God wants him as His own. To flourish, to give instead of take and to be the man God intended for him to be. He has been so mislead over the years and it’s heartbreaking. Please pray he will become that wonderful, honest, faithful, trustworthy, loyal son of the King. Amen and Amen.

    • Father God, I lift this young man up to You, touch his life like never before. I pray he realizes Your love is amazing and the things of this world are lost. Remove the people from his life that are leading him down the wrong road Lord. Open his eyes and ears to see the truth, and serve you all of his days. In Jesus name I pray. God bless you Julie.

  5. Good Morning the prayer that I just read Is speaking to my heart right now. So often than Not I lack wisdom in my job or just in Everyday Living Although I know God will make away It gets hard sometimes Holding to that Ray of Hope!!! I do know that giving up Is not an option.

  6. Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
    I ask for your prayer for my husband, that he would turn his life to God and that he would cancel the divorce that he is seeking. I am believing in a restored marriage and that God will not allow Satan to win the battle we are fighting. I am believing Ezekiel 36:26, that God will put a new spirit and a new heart in my husband, that He will replace his heart of stone with a heart of flesh. I know that it is God’s will that marriage never end in divorce, but that what God has joined together, no man separates. I pray that my husband hears the voice of the Holy Spirit speak to him and follows the voice back home to our family and believes that all things are possible with Him, even a marriage that is better than we have ever experienced. I pray for my husband’s salvation and that he would see the work that God can and will do in our lives. God’s promises to me will remain true and I pray that the devil will flee from our family. Thank you for joining me in prayer for my precious family.

  7. Dear Lord, I offer you this prayer, to help me with my current relationship situation. Please take away all the pain and hurt in our heart. Fill it with love, joy, patience, and understanding. Bless me and my partner, so that we may never surrender to whatever challenges that come our way as a couple. Please touch the heart of my partner,fill it with much love for me and i for her. Make our complicated relationship become uncomplicated. I seek for your mercy and blessing that you may allow us to spend the rest of our lives with each other. Please make this feeling mutual for both of us. Lead us not into temptations. Guide us wherever we go. Always put us in each other’s heart and mind. Lord please hear and favor my prayer.

    • Yes Lord I agree with George, Bless his relation, fill them both with same love You have for them. Make them equally yolked Lord. Open their eyes and ears to hear You and Your directions Lord. Teach them to communicate with one another with love and understanding. In Jesus name Amen. God bless you

  8. John Howard Skaggs says:

    I need two or more to come into agreement for me, that the Devil and his Demons leave me alone for the rest of my days. Just ask for this for me, two of you coming into agreement and laying your hands to this. I will be more than happy to give a praise report on this.

  9. Joanne Peterson says:

    Sheila, I a while ago, years probably, was heartbroken for a lost relationship with our daughter. Well, we now have a relationship with our daughter, and she seeks us out too. I know Jesus is still working in her life, and I have to be patient. She is engaged to a man we like, and while I know he is not a Follower of Jesus, and neither is my daughter even though she prayed the sinner’s prayer, they both want us in their lives. This to me is good news. God always has the last say. We know we are to continue to pray for them, and we will have an influence of some kind. God will know what it is. Thank you for your prayers, and for starting this prayer blog. Blessings, love and hugs, Joanne

  10. Fritz Kochs says:

    Please would you pray for my girlfriend aida and myself fritz that our relationship and love for each other goes according to God’s plan and is a huge testimony
    Please would you pray for my business and finances that they prosper

    Thank you

    God bless

  11. Thank you for praying for me (Sheetal).
    I feel so anxious and lost and I am in desperate need of a miracle.

    Please pray that God softens/moves my lover Rohith’s heart so that he realizes how much he loves me and misses me and that he has to be with me forever. Please pray that Rohith gets serious in his commitment to me and doesn’t waste my time or play with my emotions or break my heart. Please pray that God helps Rohith to take the right actions and decisions so that Rohith can be with me and be mine forever. Please pray that Rohith and I become one and we are able to start a life together and be happy together. Please pray that God strengthens our love and helps us to start a family together & raise healthy kids together. Please pray that all obstacles are removed in the path of me and Rohith being together. We should have a relationship where we place God above everything else. Amen!

  12. Prayers of life again…to live with the love of Jesus glowing out of me to love others to do the will of God!! To be made whole and to feel the Love of Jesus again in my life…remember who I am again…a child of God dearly loved and treasured …praying to start living this year again…ready to get out from underneath this weight…praying for my kidneys to be made whole…my bladder…my back to be healed…my body to be restored from where the enemy has sucked the life out of me…Help me to remember the love you poured out on me…restore me again…draw me to you…forgive me of my me to live again for you and muse me for your glory and honor. In the might name of Jesus I pray Amen and Amen!!

  13. Lorraine Robertson says:

    Amen! What a mighty God we serve!

  14. George Polk says:

    I release my miracle money now and declare I will possess it in Jesus name. All my needs will be taken care of by God and my prayers will be favored by the lord. I declare, people will seek me out to bless me from the north, south, east, and west. The wealth of the wicked is laid up for the righteous. I receive my wealth now! Instant and unexpected miracles show up in major wealth transfer, real estate, debt free property, spiritual growth, and major career opportunities with great and stable in income. I receive it and declare I will possess it now in Jesus name. Prosperity in the spirit as well as in the natural, in Jesus name.

  15. My heart is so broken, I’m filled with anxiety. I can’t seem to bounce back. With the loss of my mom, my mother in law, and 19 yr old daughter running away 2.5 yrs ago. I’m constantly waiting to hear from her, praying, crying my heart out. I’m so lost in all the heartache. Father God please hear me. Amen

    • Linda praying for you a month has gone by please know that you were and are being prayed for. I also used to be so full of anxiety and sometimes it creeps up. I have not had contact with Any of family for 15 yrs. Its like I never existed. I am not in area i grew up in so no close friends .Just wanted to say Father God does hear you stay in close communion with him and in the word. His Love will fill all the aches and lift you up! praying that God will soften your daughters heart and fill her with thoughts of home He Hears You In Jesus Name Amen and Amen

      • Thank you so much for your prayers. I’m so sorry about your family not accepting you. Plus having no close friends, I do understand. I’ve lived here in Oregon for six years and I have no friends to talk with. Father God I lift Bev’s concerns to You, comfort her Lord, bless her. Sending hugs.

      • Really needed this this morning.Thank you Linda! I pray your family life is closer now! Thank you for your reply. Lets Pray for all who are separated from loved ones.Lift each other up and Let God. You really made my day God Bless!

    • Praying with you! ❤ May God wrap his loving arms around you ! May you be at rest!
      Sending much love in the mighty name of Jesus may he use me to help you even though I am hurting myself. Lifting you up to The Lotd God! ❤ ((((hugs)))) My hope is in The almighty God! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼❤️❤️❤️🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
      God Bless you may your daughter return…your heart be comforted…In Jesus name Amen and Amen!!

  16. Hi, please help me pray for God’s favor for my son DJ with the Atlanta United soccer team this weekend. I am thanking God in advance for my son’ secured spot on the team.

  17. Hi, requesting prayer for my 16 year old cousin who is now in the OR having surgery done on his transplanted heart.

  18. Good day. Let’s pray for restoration and favour. Joel2v25-26, prov6v30-31. Let’s pray for the Body of Christ from the four corners of the world to stand on the Word of God. Jn2v5. 1thes5v18-18,24. I need restoration and favour with God and man as well. Please pray for my mum and my siblings as well that. God gives us the desires of our hearts and most important of all to reach heaven on the last day. Ps 30v5 God bless

    • Let the favor of the LORD our God be upon us, and establish the work of our hands upon us; yes, establish the work of our hands!
      Psalms 90:17 in Jesus’ name, Amen

  19. Elizabeth says:

    Please pray for my friend Michelle. She is a young mother with two children who was recently diagnosed with esophageal cancer. Pray for her to be completely healed and for there to be no signs of cancer anywhere else in her body. Pray for peace and strength for the fight ahead and for her to never lose hope. Thank you all

    • Hi Elizabeth. The Blood of Jesus on Michelle. Jesus heals all diseases. Is 53, ps 107v20, ex15v26

    • Gracious Heavenly Father, You who is Jehovah Rapha & Rophi, please send forth Your Word of healing. Your Word El Elyon has final authority. In Jesus’ name, Amen. He sent out His word and healed them, and delivered them from their destruction.
      Psalms 107:20

  20. Please pray for my son who is in the army and will soon come home for one week before he leaves for deployment to Europe. Pray for safe travels for he and his family from New York to Wisconsin to come home as it will be the last time we see him before he’s deployed. Pray also for my oldest son to be reconciled with him and the rest of our family and that my prodigal children will return to the Lord.

  21. Temi Anokwu says:

    Dear i need prayers for my family and i we are in dire need of a comfortable accomodation right now my family is fragmented i am staying in my sisters house with my daughter and my husband is staying with his own sister
    Please am currently not doing any work we relocated but i need capital to start my business am into catering please pray fir supper natural connection this season for me to get catering jobs.pray for my husband to get a stable work he can provide for his family.i really need this miracle house so we can be together for Christmas as a family

  22. We need prayer for a job for my husband. It has been a long 9 months and we need a break through! It is affecting our health spiritually mentally and physically. Thank you for all your prayers!

    • Temi Anokwu says:

      Hello my name is Temi am in Nigeria i agree with you as am in need of a comfortable apartment right now my huaband is putting up witg his sister and i with my sister now its not easy but i thank God cos the earth is the lords

    • For God is the one who provides seed for the farmer and then bread to eat. In the same way, He will provide and increase your resources and then produce a great harvest of generosity in you. 2 Corinthians 9:10 in Jesus’ great name, Amen

  23. My heavenly father, you know my needs are many right now and as hard as it is sometimes I’m trying my best to stand in faith. Nothing is in my control and I’m doing all I can do. With you nothing is impossible. I was laid off and have no income. My boss is saying I quit my job and you know that’s not the case. It’s stopped me from unemployment thus far. I’m trying to patiently wait to hear back from interviews. It’s Christmas God and I’ve asked for financial blessings so I may give to my grandson for Christmas. I need finances to carry on another month. My daughter is mentally unstable and now she doesn’t want me in her life. You know how much I love her and she needs you like never before. Those are a few of my requests God and you know all of my heart. I don’t understand but I trust you Lord with all I am. Thank you God for a month of miracles that I’m believing for. I love you!

    • And this same God who takes care of me will supply all your needs from His glorious riches, which have been given to us in Christ Jesus. Now all glory to God our Father forever and ever! Amen. Philippians 4:19‭-‬20

  24. Hello dear prayers; I am asking you to pray for my son Nathan, his car broke down yesterday…..He just does not seem to get a break in troubles that get him down. He is divorced 2 years now with a 3 year old boy and a 6 year old girl. He is trying to get a degree in counceling , but has had to quit studies in order to keep food on the table. He’s in a job that he does not enjoy much, with a bunch of crude fellow employees. Has just bought this car and now it broke down. He loves the Lord but is questioning what is going on…. I am not close enough that I can assist him in much.
    Sooo pray for him that he will get a break, that he will see God’s work in this situation.
    Thanks so much

    • He was the one who prayed to the God of Israel, “Oh, that you would bless me and expand my territory! Please be with me in all that I do, and keep me from all trouble and pain!” And God granted him his request.
      1 Chronicles 4:10

  25. RaeLeen Ellis says:

    I need wisdom & love to raise my 2 teenage daughters.

    • Merciful God You who promise that if we ask & believe You will give. Thank You that You are not like man & cannot lie. When You promise You fulfill, when You speak You act.
      And we are confident that He hears us whenever we ask for anything that pleases Him. And since we know He hears us when we make our requests, we also know that He will give us what we ask for. 1 John 5:14‭-‬15

      If you need wisdom, ask our generous God, and He will give it to you. He will not rebuke you for asking. James 1:5

  26. Hi everyone My name is Susanna I feel the same I suffer from anxiety and am pain and always dismissed from my husband. Today I shall pray for all of us and ask for Jesus love to surround us and our children to protect us

    I am so alone I need prayer for peace Amen

    • Father help Your beloved daughter to find comfort in this promise from Your Word,
      Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank Him for all he has done. Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:6‭-‬7

  27. Dear Sheila and family
    Please Pray for me. I am thankful for the strength our Father has given me. He alone knows all that I have been through but I am tired tired I need Spiritual, physical, and emotional healing, I need my broken heart healed
    Please Pray for me I really need help.

    • Thank You Jehovah Rophi that You are the LORD Who heals us. Hear Your beloved’ cry for healing. Thank You Immanuel that You are always with her, always near. In Jesus’ great name, Amen
      The LORD is close to the brokenhearted; He rescues those whose spirits are crushed.
      Psalms 34:18

      He heals the brokenhearted and bandages their wounds. Psalms 147:3

  28. I met someone 3 years ago, who allowed me to feel ‘at home, peaceful, and belonging’, it was mutual, but not the right timing. I had to leave my job because it caused problems, but O left in faith, that God would carry me through, I had such hope and fire in my heart. We broke up under the strain, it was ‘marred’, but I still brought it to God with such faith, and hope that He would bring healing, and reconciliation..within weeks, my ex met someone, and married them in under a year. I was told later by my ex of the regret they felt in hurting me, and rushing to get married. I had stopped praying for reconciliation romantically whilst they were married, but always hoped for healing between us. I got sick, had cancer scare, and major surgery, and the Lord was gracious and looked after me. During that year, I also couldn’t find Full time work, but I got through 6 weeks recovery without any proper income for 6 weeks. As I was recovering, I sold my pride and joy, my VW van to fund my not working. Thankfully, my Grandmother brought me a car. I started to recover, then my darling dog, who was my substitute baby and best friend died suddenly. I was plunged into grief, unemployment, and was also communicating with my ex, being supportive. Then my ex ceased all contact in April, and I havent recovered well since, as I am battling with grief. I started a new job, and a course in April, but it is massively pressured, and when it finishes in December, I need to leave, as the stress is making physically ill..I have experienced major losses during 24 months, including not being able to have children. I also tried to start a wellbeing business last year, which failed. I feel at my lowest point, because every time I had hope, they got crushed. I feel like the enemy has had a field day, hope joy, passion, love, friendships, relationships, destroyed. I feel I have nothing to give, and I know God is Faithful, I have just had so many hopes dashed, and crushed, its so hard to stay in faith. So, with a weary heart, I say, please pray for ; healing with my ex,( I need a best friend) a new job that i will LOVE from January, Time to have fun, laugh again, heal again, and have renewed joy and strength, and to really KNOW my Fathers LOVE… Thanks..

    • hi there my name is Susanna’ I shall pray with you in agreement for your situation. I totally understand. I also have trouble in my marriage and struggle

  29. Praying for rain in the NC Mountains and all other area’s affected by the burning fires. Praying also for all the Firefighters who have left their loved ones at this Holiday Season to save others lives. Lets all pray for their safe return home and containment of fires, Heavenly Father we thank You Lord for all you have done and all you are doing. In Jesus Name Amen!!!

  30. Jyothi Nirmala says:

    Dear In Christ Jesus/Mother mary
    Please do pray for my relationship with Mr.Ruban James, We both like each other but because of people in b/w me and Ruban Jame have created many misunderstanding. Where with this confusion Ruban as stated that i dont like you jyothi. I dont know why, But i came to know because of some people he is very much misunderstanding me and my family. But really Ruabn James is very good at heart, i know this.I tried to clear his confusion but right now we both dont talk with each other even we see. I want Ruban James only to talk with me, and revile his love to me and propose me I love you Jyothi. Even Ruban’s mom should agree for our marriage.Please do pray for this reason. I have got many insults due to this relationship but i trust Jesus because he put my head on top by making this marriage a successful one Ruban James weds Jyothi Nirmala.I bind this request in the blood of Jesus Christ Amen.

  31. I have such emotional pain. A betrayed broken heart due my husbands affair with my best girlfriend. Divorce is in process, not my choice. It’s humiliating and wickedly painful every day. I’m struggling to make sense and find purpose in life after complete devastation of my marriage and family life.
    My only dreams, an unbroken family and a forever marriage are in complete ruin. I feel permanently “altered” from the innocent, optimistic, joyful, loving, fun person I once was. Seemingly beyond repair… no one can fix me but God and I ask Him to do so but He seems so far away right now….

    • Dear Jen
      God is with you, as a matter of fact He’s holding you in His arms of love. He will never leave you, no matter what. His love is unconditional, nothing surprises Him. As for that perfect marriage you have in your heart, God knows. In the future as you heal from this brokenness, God will reveal His plan for you. On a personal note, I know exactly where your at. After my husband walked out God lead me to truly know who I was in Him. Not in mans eyes, it was such a freedom of knowing how much He loves. I will continue to pray for you, for His peace and comfort and a relationship with Him that shows you how much He loves and accepts you. God bless you

  32. Father God, my heart is broken. My daughter ran away 3 yrs ago. I never could understand, we were best friends, not just mother and daughter. I miss her so much, but my heart is so broken over her actions and when I do hear from her, the words are not kind. I found out today she moved in with her dad. He walked out the door when I was pregnant, he never looked back. She knows how much heartache I went through because of him. Lord give me the strength to let go and move on in my life. Fill me with Your peace and healing touch upon my heart, and mind. The anxiety and panic attacks came when she left. Then my mom passing away 6 months later, put me in a tailspin. Today has been a very difficult day, my little dog died after 11 yrs of love. My dear friend Shelly is on life support, Father I speak Your words into her life. She will live and not die and declare Your Works Lord. God bless her family and husband with Your love and peace. In Jesus name I pray. Amen

  33. My boyfriend was given 2 to 4 months to live this week by his doctors. He has stage four cancer and his liver is failing. I pray that God will provide complete healing: mind, body, soul and spirit. I pray that even if he is not healed on this earth, that he will except God’s everlasting love and be healed in heaven so he is no longer in pain. I also pray for comfort and peace for all of those who know and love him.

  34. I need your prayers today,I take care of my mom who has dementia,she has not been eating or sleeping lately and has become abusive. I am very depressed and sleep deprived. We do have a caregiver who comes during the day but sometimes she has to call me to help her as mom can be very difficult. Added to this a friendship I thought God had sent turned out to be a lie,so I know it is the enemy who sent it. I am so heart broken.

  35. Teresa Holland says:

    Pray for my granddaughter Laura,she got out of prison in April n was doing great then got mixed up with her son’s father who is into heavy drugs,n sex trafficking,n got her strung out again,so she went on a slump n every time she said she was going home,it didn’t happen ,,neglecting both her children n doing some wrong stuff her parents, looked for her n finally put a tracker on her phone n found where she was,parents n her young children went n sought her out,the people their lied to them n this caused them tears n heart ache,eventually her Mom after a week reported her an she was again located,they found her where they tried to hide her,she is in jail n her Mom knows that is not the answer n is asking for some hospital rehab n counseling,she needs Jesus n deliverance,n they did nothing to that man ,they took his vehicle.,gave him a ticket n sent him on his way,this has been the norm ,he seems to get away with so many things,he’s hit her before,drag her with his vehicle,doesnt support his son n threaten to abduct him n that we’d never see him again ,she goes for arraignment tomorrow,please pray for her n her children,she wasn’t like this till she got involved with this person n persons.Thank you,

  36. Sheila I’m praying for a financial break through, my mother and younger sister lives with me and I’m the only one paying all the bills. I’m trying to clear up debt and save up to own my own home since I’m a renter. It’s seems like things begin to get on track then I have another set back. I’m physically and mentally drained.Then they show no appreciation for anything I do. As well as I’m constantly praying for my son’s safety who’s in the Marines. Sheila pray that I gain more strength to deal with this. I truly believe that God has something greater in my future. I just need to continue to hold onto my faith and wait to receive it.

  37. Mary Ann Hammond says:

    That I lead a purer God-focused heartfelt fevent life. That God would clearly show me if He would bless my life with a Godly husband. I have been widowed two years & so desire to share life with someone.
    That my son will return to the Lord with all his heart. That God would give be clear direction with my business in a suffering economy & that He would have my deceased husbands cousin open his heart & tell me why he has gone from a kind man to an embittered one with me…..I ask for intercession with me on these matters in Jesus Name Father!
    Thank you, Father God!
    Mary Ann

  38. Amen, Thank you Sheila for allowing God to use you this is spiritual awakening I needed today. God Bless You

  39. I have a court date, 10/15/16, 8a. I need my doctor to file an appeal with my insurance and give me a diagnosis before that date.

    • Father God please move through your humanity to cause Your will to be done on behalf of Jane. There is a human date and this is pressing on her. In Jesus’ name Amen.

  40. Heather Marsh says:

    Ummm….hello. 🙂

    I’m not sure what to write…
    I am on my third marriage…and my husband is an addict. He is very very cruel.
    He is very angry. He is addicted to porn and a liar.
    And in all that I have said about him…I have a MUCH greater list of my own.
    I believe G-ds Word!! I have seen the Miraculous!! He has saved me over and over!!
    I KNOW He is Good!!!
    He is Faithful!!!
    Things are NOT as they seem….
    Though things seem worse now than ever.

    I have the mind of Christ.
    Though, It seems that I do not know how to Love!!
    I have foolishly responded to my husband in anger, to hurt him back on purpose.
    Oh G-d Forgive me??!!!
    It is so hard to know what to do!!!

    I know: exodus 14:14 (msg)
    “G-d will fight the battle for you.
    And you?? Keep your mouth shut!”

    Thank You for Your Word!!
    Thank You for Your Love…and Your Truth!!
    Thank You for the encouragement that You send….that I so easily forget…
    Forgive me Abba….
    For not being more deliberate about remembering and Thanking You!!!
    Forgive me Elohim…..for hating trials…
    For hating the weight of what seems like un-ending time of them!!
    And hating the struggle!!!
    Open my eyes to see Your Glory and Your Perfect Design!
    I know You said in this world we’d have trouble…..WHY don’t I ever remember that??!!!
    WHY don’t I get that??
    And WHY can’t I ever see joy in them?
    Forgive me for always comaining….
    Please Abba…don’t leave me alone!!

    And please…forgive me for so desperately waning to be beautiful in the midst of this filth! Forgive my selfishness.
    You are good.
    All the time.
    All the time.
    YOU are good.

    So why am I so scared?
    In Your grip,


    • Father, reach out to Heather, put her feet on a firm foundation and move her. Your will be done in her life and family. In Jesus’ name Amen.

  41. Please pray with and for me that God will heal me of my past. I want to be able live free in the grace and freedom I have in Him. Healing of my mind and heart.

    • Abba, Barbara is asking for the full assurance of your grace. Turn Your face to her as she turns hers to You. Remind her through Your Word and Spirit of Your Truth. Renew her Mind, Create in her a clean heart and renew a right Spirit within her. In Jesus’ name, Amen

  42. Farrah Franklin says:

    Dear lord please reach out to my kids father Alex he need your help he has so much evil around him that needs to be removed. His children needs him but he have to wake up and get some help some counseling so we can come together and get along for the sake of our kids they still young and they need both of their parents to be mentally stable please help him amen

    • Abba, look upon this family and move in their lives for healing, hope and love. Reassure Farrah and remind her of your Love. Take her husband’s feet and move them in the direction You want them to go. In Jesus’ name Amen.

  43. I thank you for this ministry, I get filled with joy each time a new prayer is delivered to my inbox 🙂
    I have been praying for each one of my children to give thier hearts and lives back to Jesus, and each of my grandchildren. I also pray that my husband would fully give his life to Christ and to desire to be the man Jesus wants him to be, not that of his peers.
    Also, for my youngest daughter, that the new baby she is carrying would grow and develop .
    Thank you for your love for each one of us and all your prayers 🙂

  44. Praise and prayer request. Praise..God has seen to it that my husband’s girlfriend has been convicted enough to leave my husband. I am so happy!! I ask for prayer that my husband truly repents and comes back to God and our family. Please let the healing of our marriage begin. I love him so much. It has been a year since he left so I just pray he feels love for me again soon. In Jesus name I pray, amen

    • Praise God for this movement in your lives!!!

      I ask Father that you continue moving for and in this family to restoration of the covenant of marriage and the benefits of a God blessed union. In Jesus’ name Amen

  45. Jennifer Pittenger says:

    First, thank you for this precious ministry!

    My son, Quinn, has not spoken to me in 4 years. My heart is broken. Please pray that God will soften his heart and his wife’s heart towards me and that reconciliation would come.

    Also, I am unemployed at the time and in great need of a full-time job with benefits. I am scared and worried. I need God to provide provision for me and to open the right doors.

    Thank you for standing in the gap for me. Your prayers mean the world to me!


    • Father God, I lift Your daughter up to You and ask You Lord to open the right doors for employment. You know all of her needs, Lord meet them. Lord I also lift up her relationship with her son and his wife. My heart breaks for her understanding that kind of heartache. I ask for complete restoration between them Lord. Remind her son of the love she showed him all of his life. Father during this time I call upon Your comfort for Jennifer. In Jesus name I pray. Amen

  46. Anita Alice Catellier says:

    Please pray for Alvin’s life to come in alignment with the plans of God for him. Father let your justice be done for him in court on Sept. 27. Let your will be done on earth as it is in heaven, in Jesus’ name. Let the judge see through the problem and give right judgement.
    Thank you Father.

  47. Please lift my family up in prayer, we just admitted my daughter into a residential treatment facility. We are happy she is there but I pray she perseveres through all the tough times that are coming her way… She’s not liking it there and having a hard time adjusting. I have her 2 babies and I am exhausted and feel too old to take care of these babies… They have a lot of energy and I’m struggling as well with arthritis, my full time job and helping them to adjust as well and get on a schedule… It’s only been 5 days and I’m exhausted and worried that my daughter won’t follow through.. She is more concerned with the babies daddy that is an alcoholic and a deadbeat than her own children… Just so frustrated, worried, exhausted and soooo tired right now.

  48. Beverly Kelly says:

    Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you for bringing Sheila and family home safely. We thank you that you have anointed her for praying and encouraging.Abba I come to you today to ask for wisdom,so much has changed,prayers have been answered, eyes and heart are being opened again.Help me to know the true Aarons in my life.You have answered many prayers in this changing season and I thank you Lord that you will show me who they are. Remind me daily that if I seek I will find, If I ask you will answer,if I knock you will open.Guide me Lord threw this changing season as I keep my eyes on YOU.In Jesus Name Amen!!!

  49. Yolanda Potter says:

    GOOD Day I have been married for 24 yrs to the same man, And I am recognizing everyday that we don’t have a lot in common other than Our children
    When I try to stay positive Negativity robs me of my Peace. I’ve tried being extra sweet for years talking to him to no avail I am burned out! I will day this Financially Is an issue as well I Tithes as much as I Can give offerings as Well. So I believe I am on the right track Its just I feel So empty in my marriage and I need every praying warrior to stand in the gap for us. Please😞😞😞😞

  50. Please pray to our Good Lord for the resurrection of my marriage. My husband of 40 years left me and filed for divorce to be with a much younger woman. They have been together for five years and the divorce will be final in November. Pray God will place thornbushes around both of them and send her home to her family and send him back to his. Please pray that God will make him see that the grass is not greener with her and that he belongs with me. Please pray for God to get rid of the bitterness, neglect and pride and replace them with love, forgiveness, tenderness, humility, passion and intimacy. Restore our marriage and make it better. I love the Lord and want to be the person He created me to be. Please pray that God will be a guard to my mouth and a door to my lips. I ask God every day to show me my faults, change me and give me wisdom, grace and mercy. I know the change must begin with me to save marriage and I know that God has been working with me through the Holy Spirit to make those changes. So please pray that God will soften my husbands heart and he will stop divorce and become the prodigal husband. This I ask in Jesus name. Amen. Amen.

  51. Martha ParfaitFelix says:

    Happy Monday (: I need $2700 by next Monday to pay for my Fall semester @ Florida Atlantic University. I kknow my Jehovah Jireh is able. Afterall it is He who opened the door for me to return to school to obtain my Bachelor’ degree in Elementary Education @ the age of 44. Thanks-a-bunches for praying. I believe in miracles.

  52. Farrah Franklin says:

    Dear lord I pray that you hear prayer hear my cries and see my tears everyday. I pray for me and my kids father Alex to come together raise our children the right way gods way and heal as a family and give our children what we didn’t have as kids a since of family a mother and father living together under one roof being married and happy I give it to you lord to heal his heart and to remove the evil poison thats between us that’s holdind us back thank you Jesus in Jesus name amen.

  53. Crystal says:

    Please pray for peace of mind and employment

  54. Stephanie says:

    Please pray for restoration of 20 year marriage and for us to be a family as God has intended.

  55. Please pray for my daughter and her husband. They both need spiritual and emotional healing. Pray for their marriage to be restored.

  56. Please pray that my husband and I will have children here on earth. We praise the Lord that He holds our son in heaven, but we desperately would love to be blessed with healthy children here too. We are beginning fertility treatments now so your prayers are greatly appreciated! Thank you!

  57. Please pray for my family. My children who have gone astray. My grandchildren, one who just received Christ as his Savior(he is 11). For my husband, who is going through a transition. We need God’s grace, wisdom and mercy. We need an open door. Also, healing in my body. Thank you! I pray your trip is filled with blessings. May God keep you safe and give you traveling mercies!

  58. Please pray for me. I’m a minister. I need a spiritual awakening. I feel dead inside. I have been fighting back injuries for several years, had neck surgery.i don’t know what to pray anymore,so I sit in silence alot. I have had to move close to my daughter so I can have help if I need it. I cannot be level where my life is at right now. I don’t understand. I try to watch words of my mouth. I am at a loss. Thank you. I have prayed every way I know how. Nothing changes. Thank you and God Bless your kindness.

  59. My husband and I have had our house for sale almost 4 years which we no longer live in. We have another house in another state which is where we live. Pls pray that God will prepare the heart of the buyer of our old home to burn with desire and immediacy about purchasing our house.

  60. Temi michelle Anokwu says:

    Bless the LORD oh my soul,father am thankful and grateful for bwing alive to even have a prayer need.father i call upon you help me my husband needs financial breakthrough and i neef a new lease of life open new dimension change my story divine connections with willing helpers i need money for my daughters school fees we are in dire need of comfortable and dignified accommodations. My husband has a pending court case on 29th of june and we need mercy to pass judgement in his favor my needs are much but God is greater so pls pray for my family we need money to feed in Jesus name Amen

  61. Please pray for my health and for my son and daughter-in-law (for their marriage to mend). I believe that trusting in our Lord Jesus Christ anything is possible!

  62. Prayers for physical health ears please🙏🏻🙏🏻

  63. I pray God advice heads of protection upon you and your husbands trip to Israel back and fort. And I pray you both will have a divine encounter with our father and you will be filled more than you expect. Gods riches blessings upon you both in Jerusalem.
    My prayer requests are:: spiritual divine breakthrough in all areas of my life, divine financial breakthrough, physical breakthrough in all areas and also for a new full time job declare full time for September with God fearing, communicating, kind, giving and understanding employers. A very high salary. A new house where I can call home. Family salvation, restoration and breakthrough in all areas of their lives. I need a spiritual mother, a ernest and sincere prayer partner, a God fearing man to call my husband who I can start a family with. Over all more of God in my life and less of me.
    Have a bless and safe trip to Jerusalem again.
    God bless you both.

  64. This is a unspoken prayer request. My Father knows what I have been praying so long for. He knows my heart and desires. He knows I am nothing and can do nothing w/out Him….Truly I have no desire to be without my God. All Glory I give to Him and to Him only. May God bless your trip to Israel and keep you and your husband safe. I have never been but for me its home. May God also bless and keep Israel – Jerusalem – The Jewish people and Christians worldwide safe.

  65. Rosemary says:

    Thank you for helping me pray for my heart. I pray that God Almighty has mercy on me like He always does. I pray that my Lord Jesus pours out His Holy Spirit into my heart and fills me with His Love, Power, peace and Joy! That I am able to run the race He has put before me to be this prayer warrior that He wants me to be. Also to continue with what He has put into my heart about writing my story (Diamond in the rough) my book! I pray that Jesus will guide my foot steps and that the Holy Spirt lights the way. In Jesus Mighty name I pray Amen!

  66. Norma black says:

    This is an unspoken prayer. God knows exactly what is in my heart and what I pray daily. Praying for you and your husband safe travels.

  67. Please pray for our health, finances and a home to live in. Please pray for my son’s health and to make good decisions. Please pray for salvation for all of our children. I am praying for your journey as well!!

  68. Please pray for my future helper. It is really hard being a single mom handling EVERYTHING on my own. Please pray for my strength, endurance and courage. Also to take better care of myself and be the rock that my children need for me to be. To be able to provide for them exceedingly and abundantly. I pray for your safe travels and that your cup runs over with God’s goodness!

  69. Melanie says:

    Please pray for my son Quinn that he might get a job that is full time so that he can have self-worth and a way to take care of himself. He loves the Lord does diligent in his prayer life and work for the Lord. We have all prayed and prayed that the Lord seen him work. Thank you for bringing our petitions to our Savior

  70. I will be praying for God’s blessings and favor on you and your husband,Sheila. Sheila please also pray for me,I am here taking care of my mother who has Dementia. She is getting worse and it breaks my heart to take care of her and see her mental state worsening. Also being my mom’s care giver I am feeling the loneliness a lot where I cry every night. I know God is with me and Jesus is my friend. I cry out in prayer as I feel so alone. I have been praying for and believing God for a help mate, I have been praying to work in ministry with my future husband,I pray to be a pastor’s or minister’s wife. I pray that my husband and I will be God’s ministry team working to glorify His name in everything we do,think and say! God bless you.


  71. Stacy Paun says:

    I’m going back to school after 30 years. My request is that God will prepare my heart, mind and memory.

  72. My husband (age 51) has to have his knee replaced and the recovery takes quite some time. His job could also be in jeopardy as the company he works for may be losing one of their largest clients. This combination has him questioning the timing of getting surgery so he considering postponing it. He needs it now! He couldn’t even walk upstairs last night to get to bed, he had to sit down and scoot his way up the stairs. Please pray not only for my husband to have successful surgery and a speedy recovery with little pain but also that the company he works for will not lose their client. Thank you for praying for us! May God fill you and your husband with wisdom, vision and direction as you seek the Lord for His will. Have a wonderful time in Israel!

  73. Elizabeth says:

    Please pray for my marriage, for healing and restoration, for my husband to know and love the Lord and surrender to Him, for my three sons to love the Lord and not be anxious or fall into depression or fear.

    I pray for your safe travels and for the Lord to speak to you and your husband in a mighty way on your trip!

  74. Thank you Sheila for your 3 stranded prayers! I am so glad that God has given this ministry to you! I pray that you and your husband will have safety, a good time, and godly refreshment. God has blessed me in so many ways! He has restored my marriage, given me the opportunity to pray for others in this situation, and now He is and has been working in the lives of my children. Pray that I would not give up praying for my family or friends and that I would not be deceived by our great enemy! Thank you again for your ministry and prayers!

  75. RaeLeen Ellis says:

    Dear Sheila, Please pray that my 83 yr old mother-in-law would come to Jesus! Pray that I would be delivered from my childhood baggage. So grateful for your prayers!

  76. Emma Brown says:

    Praying for safe travels and for Our Lord to give you all his Holy discernment on this trip to do His work.
    My daughter Kailin will be leaving for college in a few weeks. I need prayers for her to remain motivated, dedicated and focused on her studies. In addition, prayers for her safety in a new town and apartment. Also, that the move, transition and fall enrollment process goes smoothly.

  77. Laura Juneau says:

    Prayers for safe and blessed travels to you Shelia!
    Thank you for offering prayers for others while you are in Jerusalem!
    God, In your timing and as You work on my heart and my character, may my family mend and may Matt be welcomed into our family. Let us deny satan his part in this unforgivingness and hardening of hearts. Amen.

  78. Peg Morgan says:

    Sheila and Steve,
    Prayers this AM for your safe travel….that family at home would experience peace in your absense….that each day will be enlightening as the scriptures open up before you in the Holy Land!

  79. My initial court date for divorce is July 11. I am standing for my 33 year marriage.
    Prayers for the salvation and return of my husband to God and for marriage restoration and renewal and strength and peace for me to continue my stand.

  80. Please assist me with prayers as I need a new prosperous job in a well established company this month In Jesus Christ Name amen

  81. Shirley IMHOLTE says:

    God Bless you keep you safe as you travel.
    My prayer request is for healing of my
    Thank you and I will be praying for you.
    Shirley IMHOLTE

  82. Tarina Deetlefs says:

    Dear Father God… I lift Sheila and her husband to You. In the Precious Name of Your Son Jesus I ask that You would keep Your hand over them while they are in Jerusalem… May they be filled with Your Spirit LIKE NEVER BEFORE… Show then Your Heart and Will for the, Lord… Bless them for their obedience in You and Your Word.
    In Jesus Name I pray… Amen

    Please can you pray for me while you are in Jerusalem… I am standing for the healing of my marriage… Please pray strength and endurance on my side when times gets so tough… I really do not want to give up… And please pray that the Father will do a miracle in my husband, Richard’s heart…

  83. Annette Marie says:

    I am asking for prayer for my marriage and my health. My Christian husband has had many female friends in the 18 years we have been married he wants a divorce but refuses to move out and get one until our daughter turns 18. I could do so but God has lead me to stay. Most days I am fine and can look at our relationship as roommates (as he wants us to) but others when I am in so much emotional pain. My health is suffering from the stress and pain. I do not know what is wrong with me physically (need to see the doc). I need divine healing both emotionally and physically. Shelia, Thanks for your prayers as travel to Isreal and to others who are willing to pray for our family too.

  84. K Chidowe says:

    Prayer request

    Breakthrough for my son Takunda and daughter Chenai. Isiah 45 vs 2 & 3

  85. caroline roshnee naidoo says:

    dear Sheila
    pls pray for myself caroline as well as my son kyle liam and daughter chemiah jade while you are in Israel.that we may experience total liberty;restoration;shalom;blessings n favour in our lives.i am trusting God for a husband also [in this area pls pray only as the Holy Spirit leads you].may the blessings n promises of God be poured into n over our lives that we may be a model of what family is supposed to be as Gods design.wherever the enemy invaded this may he walk away embarrassed n disgraced and let God be glorified.i pray for us to experience richness in every area of life.

  86. Asking for prayer for favor for relocation , home and ministering to even more souls as well as going to school for Christian counseling & consulting..Would you happen to know about the areas of Greer SC or Spartanburg Sc..May God bless you both with safe blessed travels with his wonderful wings around you both on such a beautiful trip he orcrastrated..Your a blessing..Big hugs & lots of sweet prayers. .

  87. Mary Ann says:

    I want to give praise to GOD for His favour and love to me. He is so faithful. There is none like our GOD.
    My prayer request is for clarity regarding a new job offer……for guidance and a clear word from GOD whether I should go down this path. I want to be in the will of GOD. AMEN.

  88. Prayer for my daughter sam who is truly brokenhearted. Her child’s father has decided to no longer continue their relationship. Much prayer is needed to mend her heart. Thank you

  89. Martha ParfaitFelix says:

    Good evening, requesting urgent healing prayers for my son DJ Felix’s hamstrings. He is currently being interviewed by a professional soccer team in Bradenton, FL. Please pray his hamstring & every other part of his body, especially legs functioning above and beyond. Praying Jeremiah 17:14 over him. Pray for God’s continued favor for and over him. The devil is a liar. Doors God open, no man can close. Thank you.

  90. This past November 2015, my husband of 6 years came back from his first military deployment, completely moved out of our house, filed for divorce without any closure/explanation, and zero communication. I was served divorce papers in December at my work. Early March 2016, in court my husband’s attorney told the judge that he has moved on and is in another relationship even though we were still married. The judge denied my request for marriage counseling, stating that David has already moved on. As of March 17th 2016, I received the worst email in my life, that I was officially divorced. As of April 14th, he officially posted on media he’s in another relationship and posted pictures of him and his new girlfriend together during his deployment while we’re still married. I’ll will forever remain faithful to my husband and I will never give up as love never loses hope and is always patient. Please pray for God to show us the way back to each other. “For the unbelieving husband is made holy through his wife and the unbelieving wife is made holy through her husband” (1Corn.7:14).

    Dear Heavenly Father, 
    Please hear my prayer and have mercy on us, if it be Your will…

    I fully surrender myself, David, our marriage, our minds, our bodies, our souls, our spirits, our sufferings, and our hearts to You Lord to do with as you please

    Help David and I to repent to You, turning away from sinful lifestyles, thoughts, and actions

    Sprinkle Your clean water on David, I, our marriage, and our families and wash us clean

    Be a wall of fire and a Divine Seal of Protection around David, I, our marriage, and our families

    Be a Divine influence like you did Hosea’s wife (Hos 2:6-7) Block David’s path with thornbushes, wall him in so he cannot find his way that leads him away from You, me, and our marriage. When David chases his lovers and sinful lifestyle he will not catch them and will not find satisfaction or happiness until he returns to You and our marriage.

    Holy Spirit dwell inside and move inside David, I, our marriage, our families, and friends and help David to be obedient to You.

    Help David and I to daily wear the full Armor of God (Gird our loins with truth, Put on the Breastplate of Righteousness, Shod our feet with the preparation of the Gospel of Peace, Take up the Shield of Faith, Put on the Helmet of Salvation, and Take up the Sword of the Spirit) to stand firm and walk in Your faith and victory

    Speak to David and I loudly and clearly: Open our hearts, minds, body, soul, spirits, ears, and eyes to be open to Your truth: Cure David and I of spiritual blindness and deafness

    Guide and direct mine and David’s steps and position us to where You want us to be

    Touch/Heal mine, David’s, and our families’ hearts with Your love, grace, and mercy so that we can be born again with a new faith and a new heart that hates evil; Create in David, I, and our marriage a clean pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast, faithful, loyal, spirit within us

    Daily examine and control mine and David’s hearts, spirits, tongues, emotions, and feelings

    Holy Spirit grant and increase in David and I the power, wisdom, strength, courage, grace, perseverance, and mercy to be able to start to change the areas that need to be changed and to survive and surpass this trial/suffering in our marriage

    Send a Heavenly or Christian mortal to help David repent and see/hear God’s voice of reason and truth. Please help nothing to block/stop David from repenting/turning to you and our marriage reconciliation.

    Teach David and I to love You 1st, 2nd each other and our marriage unconditionally

    Help David and I to ALWAYS Fear You and always be obedient to Your Holy will and Your way

    Help David and I to respect, accept, obey, fulfill, and surrender daily to Your Holy will

    Help David and I to mature in You and mold us to be Your disciples: Mold me to be the wife You need me to be for David and mold David to be the husband You need him to be for me

    Help David and I NOT to lean on our own understandings and to see and know the devil’s lies

    Remove everything from David, I, and our marriage that is not of You and not Your will

    Remove mine and David’s heart of stone and give us a new heart of flesh

    Deliver our marriage and David and I from Satan’s stronghold and influence

    Bind, cancel, destroy, banish, rebuke and end all bitterness, hate, rage, anger, hurt, hostility, slander, envy, jealously, malice, impurity, lust, fantasy, greed, guilt, selfishness, lies, pride, unfaithfulness, stubbornness, unbelief, doubt, revenge, rebellion, punishment, addictions, PTSD, depression, bipolar, anxiety, fear, worries, hopelessness, Satan, all diabolic infestations/oppressions, sinful desires/temptations, harmful friendships, and negative internal and external mortal influences away from David, I, our marriage/homes, friends and family

    Bind, cancel, destroy, banish, and rebuke this divorce, separation/division, silence, curses, and Satan and quickly guide David back to You, our marriage, and our home

    Fill and cover David, I, our marriage, and families with the Protection of the Precious Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ, increase in us unending love, forgiveness, compassion, patience, wisdom, strength, courage, kindness, fortitude, understanding, piety, meekness, integrity, humility, Chasity, perseverance, self-control, clarity, joy, grace, peace, faith, hope, trust, and mercy

    Knock down and destroy the walls of silence, pride, lust, and anger and Open the doors to love, forgiveness, communication, reconciliation, and restoration

    Heal our broken hearts, bind our wounds from pain and sorrow, and remove negative memories, actions, and words from the past

    Help David and I to remember of all of our good times, happy memories, moments, words, and sacred promises/vows we made to You and each other

    Please reconcile, restore, renew, and rebuild our marriage with YOU and each other on the solid rock of Jesus Christ

    Thank you Heavenly Father for Your trust, and promises of Your word. Thank you my one and only God, my 1st love, in advance for rebuilding and reconciling our marriage, changing mine and David’s hearts, and bringing David back to You, our marriage and back home. I love you! In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

    I miss my husband so much. Please pray my husband will quickly come home so we can start our restored marriage based on the solid rock of Jesus Christ. I begging and praying for a miracle. Please reconcile my marriage and and non existent communication. My heart is aching and breaking daily for my husband. Please pray God will touch and heal his heart and save him. Please save our marriage

  91. My Dearest Sheila & Family:

    My heart is broken to the point I honesty do not know where to begin or restart my life again.

    I lost my very precious daughter Tammy Elizabeth a year ago and, I’m still at a loss of emotions, not to mention words how I feel my life literally has no more meaning, – I still struggle with missing Tammy. My days just have no meaning anymore – my phone doesn’t ring any longer – no more laughing till we nearly pee’d ourselves – no more best friend!

    The worst thing that could have destroyed my/our Christian life is I have a sister who preached and still preaches (a fire and brimstone type of Christianity) since my very young years that “Salvation” can be lost? Is this true?

    Tammy, my precious daughter, in her early teen age years (17) at this time dedicated her life to Christ.

    But sadly at the early age of only 16 years to have two supposed Christian boys (one being a nephew) violate her which she only shared with me at the end of her life God help me!!!!!!

    Where does one restart? I need a miracle.

    • Sweet sister, as I read your prayer request the first thing I felt was so much heartache for you. I lost my daughter almost 2 yrs ago, but in a different way. She ran away and my heart is still broken, for I never have figured out why? But you have lost your daughter and the only pain I can understand is the loss of your best friend, laughter, and having Tammy around. To be honest with you all you can do is lean into Christ. He is your strength and your hope. He will comfort you in His arms of love. If you have a support group that would also help you. No one can or will ever fill Tammy’s place in your heart. God gave her to you for a short time, He trusted you with His daughter. You love her and always will. God is looking upon your heartache and He knows every tear you have shed, He has wiped them from your eyes and none will be forgotten. Just know that you know your daughter is in His arms of love. Someday you will be held together in His arm of love, but God has reasons for everything. He has a different plan for you, He will use your heartache to minister to others. No matter what we go through and the heartache that comes with the storms. God always turns it around for His glory. As for restarting my sister, I cannot answer that. My life without my daughter has been horrible, I have not restarted as of yet. I honestly ask the Lord to guide my steps and show me what is it that He wants me to do now. For I don’t know how not to be a mother, I don’t know who I am anymore. All I can say is find a quiet place and seek the Fathers presence, wait upon Him. Be still and know He is always with you. I always say the only reason I am standing is because the Father has His arms under mine holding me up. For it is His strength that gets us through all things. God bless you my sister, I will be praying for you. Sending lots of love and hugs your way.

    • My sister, I met to mention to you that God is love. Your daughter is with Him in His arms. You wrote, (The worst thing that could have destroyed my/our Christian life is I have a sister who preached and still preaches (a fire and brimstone type of Christianity) since my very young years that “Salvation” can be lost? Is this true?)
      God sent His Son Jesus Christ to save the lost, not one did He turn away. He is love and He does not want one lost. When Tammy accept Jesus Christ as her personal Saviour, she was saved. God is love that is the only words I will leave with you. Trust in Him to know that He will not turn His back on you.

    • Martha ParfaitFelix says:

      Awww, I’m so sorry. My deepest condolences:( Father may Your joy be your daughters’ strength during this difficult time. Lead, guide and walk beside her. Order her steps and direct her path. Fill her with joy in Your presence. Give her beauty for ashes & peace for despair. In Jesus name. Amen

    • Sweet woman, No one and nothing can pluck you out of Our Father’s hand. Please stick close to Him, His Son, His love and His Spirit of Truth and Comfort. Nothing is able to separate you from His love, no pit is too deep, no mountain too high for Him.

      Draw comfort that He is close to you, oh tender shoot and bruised reed, oh broken child. He weeps with you He knows your pain and your love for your daughter…He collects your tears, feels your anguish and has walked with you every step.

      As you wrestle with your emotions, fears and pain, we pray that His peace reaches through that fight to draw you nearer to Him. We pray His light cuts through the darkness and shadows to show the way forward for you. We pray that He surrounds you with gentle reminders of His love and many hands held out to lift you up and help you.

      Please know He hears your cries, prayers and questions, you are not alone or abandoned.

      Peace be to you,


  92. Martha ParfaitFelix says:

    Happy Tuesday(:
    Please pray for a dear godly sister-friend who received man’s report today that due to a damaged Fallopian tube she will not be able to conceive naturally. She is a newly wed of 2 years to a young pastor. When the natural ends, we know that is where the supernatural begins. She is of course down, but with God on her side she is not defeated. Believing God’s report for her as he told Sarah, she will have a child! His word has final authority.

  93. Praise Report He is Risen!!! Amen and Amen.


  95. Prayer Praise Had a financial debt cancelled Thank You Heavenly Father!!!! We have found a place to move Amen!!! Please pray that it will be ready for for us to move into by April 10. Please Pray that God will open doors and show us favor that all the work that needs to be done will somehow be done by the tenth and that the Holy Spirit will remind me that GOD works all things together for our good so I can release this fear at his feet once and for all In Jesus Mighty Name Amen and Amen! Thank You for your prayers, God Bless!

  96. I’m struggling with my diagnosis of a Clotting disorder and to trust that I am safe and OK. I pray for healing and for strength. I fear that it’s getting worse. I fear that I don’t trust enough or have enough faith to carry me through. I would very much appreciate any prayers. I’m very grateful for this ministry, Jennifer

  97. Happy Thursday(:
    Requesting God’s favor & open door for my son as he trains and prepares to tryout for a professional soccer team in April. Praying Psalm 34:8 first for & over him and 2nd for God’s good, perfect and pleasing will be done concerning him and the desires of his heart.

  98. In desperate need of prayer. Please lift up my son and I. My husband walked out on us and is leaving us for another woman and her family. Please give us the strength to fight for our family. All things are possible through Christ. Lord please place godly people in my husbands life so they can help him to find you. I am still believing in your word and I’m standing still and strong. Just give me the patience and the strength to go on. I have turned over all my troubles and problems to you Jesus I’ve left everything at the foot of the cross. It’s all in your control lord I’m going to sit back and watch the miracles unfold in my life. Thank you Jesus for all you do for us. You are a awesome God.

    • I can relate as I’ve been standing for my marriage for 3yrs. God has given me signs that He is going to restore our marriage in His perfect time. I trust Jesus. I will be praying for you. God can give you peace as you continue to trust Him. Standing is not easy. This is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. The hurt is almost unbearable at times but with God all things are possible. Surround yourself with people that will encourage your stand and lift you up on the days you want to give up. God hears your prayers and sees your tears and He says keep going, keep trusting and believing. It only takes faith the size of a mustard seed. Therefore what God has joined together let no one separate. Stand on this promise! Prayers!
      Check out Rejoice Marraige Ministries- awesome website with lots of marriage restoration testimonies and daily devotionals!

  99. Please pray for my beloved husband, Francisco, to be set free from all his addictions and sinful lifestyle, return to the Lord and his marriage, in Jesus’ Name!

  100. Amen. I want to thank you for this awesome prayer.

  101. I have a prayer request for myself and a few other families. we were all told 6 months ago we must move our mobile homes,we rented the land. We are now down to 2 months to go and several families and I are running out of time and options.It is very expensive to move the homes and then to find a place to put them or abandon them.I am in such a place i have never been before mentally,spiritually and physically. I am so full of fear of the unknown, i have been short tempered,angry and so anxious I shake. I am a healthcare worker and help feral cats and I feel as though I am so overwhelmed I have nothing at this time to give anyone let alone myself.Please Pray for me I can not seem to focus to do it for myself .Many of us are woman in our mid fifty’s and up and fearful. I do not like how I feel and want to be helping the others.Thank you for your Prayers God Bless all of you and Sheila for this place to come

  102. a worried Mom says:

    I am in need of prayer for my youngest daughter, a few years ago she fell into the wrong crowd and ran away not liking our rules. Since then she has been living with a boyfriend who is very lazy and won’t work, they have a 17 mo old and is due with another baby in March. A few months ago she had moved back in with us wanting help but left again on Christmas. They are struggling & have very little income from the few hours she works. I just want her eyes to be opened and come back to her family. I’m afraid that she is also doing drugs and drinking as a few times she has been out of it when I’ve picked up my granddaughter… Please pray for the Lord to pour out the Holy Spirit on her and that she receives it. I pray for walls to be knocked down and her eyes to be opened and divine protection on those babies!!. She needs to get out of this lifestyle if not for her… for my grandbabies.. I am so worried!

    • Heavenly Father we pray in the name of Jesus that you surround the little ones with your hedge of protection let their Angels keep them safe in this unstable and dangerous time in their life.Father we ask you to show the daughter favor by sending her someone who can help her and lead her in the right direction Also Father give her family strength to do everything necessary to keep those little ones safe.Give wisdom and guidance and direction to all involved.Lord I pray the Blood of Jesus over them in your mighty,powerful Name Amen!!!

    • a worried mom says:

      I also need prayer for my husband, his heart is so hard towards my daughter. My daughter knows she messed up and hurt him and wants to write him a letter and reach out to repair what relationship they have left. He says they will never have a relationship until she leaves her boyfriend and stops sinning by living with him and that my grandbabies deserve better. He will never pretend that what she’s doing is ok by having a relationship with her. So heartbreaking to me because my thoughts are you can still have a relationship with the sinner.. my heart is just broken for their relationship…

  103. AMEN

  104. I have been praying your Three Stranded Prayer and I am seeing what I thought was unmovable starting to move! However, I am being gripped by fear that it will stop. Pray that this mountain that my husband and I are facing is finally going to move! Pray that this fear and dread will leave me and we will see our path out of the wilderness. Thank you for the Three Stranded Prayer – it has allowed my eyes to be opened and made me think about a deeper relationship with Our Lord.

  105. Please help me pray to truly forgive! I am seriously struggling with unforgiveness a year later after my spouse divorced after 5.5 years of separation. I am angry @ my spouse, his family & my former church where his father and brother are pastors. I really want to let it go! I don’t like feeling the way I do. I know it does not please God and I want to be obedient to Him.

    • Marti, God knows your heart, He loves you in any condition. We can come to Him and call upon His name at anytime in our lives. His love is never changing, even when we are full of anger, bitterness, heartache, frustration, anxiety, you name it. He is right there with you, carrying you through the storms. Close your eyes and call upon His name, spend time alone with Him. Allow Him to hold you, comfort you, pour His love out upon you. He will take all the emotions you are holding, and one day you will look back and see all that He did during your time of heartache. God bless you with His peace and rest in His arms of love.

  106. I have a prayer request:
    One of my best friends, Robbie who has stage 4 cancer & who is currently in the hospital due to chest pains had a bad news phone call earlier today from his Dr. (oncologist). The Dr. got the results from his CT scan that they took earlier today he said the spots on Robbie’s liver look a little bigger, there may be some more or bigger spots on his lungs and there is something going on in his bowels. They also may have found some cancer noods on his lymph nodes as well. He will hopefully get discharged in the morning so that he can go get a chemo treatment and start to get this under control. Please pray for him, his family & for his doctors that they can find a treatment plan that will slow the cancer from spreading & give him the opportunity to start healing!

  107. I am needing prayer warriors to join me as I am heavily going to battle in prayer for my prodigal husband Landon to return to Gods path and for our marriage and family to be swiftly rescued from the grips of divorce and be restored redeemed and resurrected by My Almighty God. Who has promised to deliver and I stand firm on his promise that He is already working and will answer my plea. We have mediation this coming Thur. And rebuke the evil spirits of divorce and claim they Will not take our marriage and family in the name of my Lord Jesus Christ! Satan has been pulling every weapon possible to keep my husband captive and declare that satan Get His Hands off My Husband and all evil spirits seeking the my husband stay blinded and deaf be sent back to Help in Jesus Name! God is already working to do what has seemed impossible but for God all things are possible. I know He is working and will deliver. I have been growing in my understanding of how powerful prayer is in fighting spiritual warned are and ask for prayers from my fellow prayer warriors to please join me in prayer and I stand firm for Gods promise to be delivered. Thank you and praise you God for the invaluable lessons I have be blessed to learn in this most painful and enduring battle for my Husband Marriage and Family. To God be all the glory!

    • Amen. I know exactly how you feel. I am struggling with the same thing right now. Just continue to keep you head up and believe in the lord. If he had told you to stand still and to stand strong. He will move and remove the Devils hand and strong hold on your husband. Have faith and believe. Lord I come to and plead for you to save this marriage take away the pain and suffering allow her to have the patience while you work your miracles. You’ve already figured out there path and we know that you can only move on your time which is the right time but give her peace and reassurance. Lord take her heart and place your hands around it. Guard her and her family. Remove the evil from her family and allow there to be a restoration of her family and her marriage. Thank you Jesus for all that you do for us. You are a awesome God.

      Good luck to you and your family you will be in my prayers.

  108. oh Jesus, we praise you that you are good. That nothing happens without your approval. Thank you that you will make beauty out of these ashes. We praise you are you are a jealous God and you heart longs for us to draw close and surrender to you completely. Jesus, I praise you that you carry us and our joys and heartaches and your love is so deep. So amazing. Jesus, I praise you that you love my prodigal hubby more than I could humanly do. I praise you that you are speaking to him daily and convicting his heart. We await your healing touch, his repentance and his Damascus road experience. To you all the glory. Jesus, I praise you that you will use our testimony to grow heaven and proclaim your awesome love. Thank you that we can plead the blood of Jesus over him and prodigals and you will bind the power the enemy has over him in Jesus’ name. Amen. To your glory Jesus!!!!

  109. Hi……I am asking for prayer for the relationships between my 3 adult children. They just don’t get along all that well together. One is following God, one prays & asks me to pray….but lives with his fiance & they have a beautiful baby boy, & the 3rd one acts like he doesnt believe. They were brought up as Christians but their dad left home & church & got messed up BIG TIME in the world; he never dealt with much when he came back into their lives 7 yrs later. Then he was found dead a year ago. Please pray that God would bring these siblings close to Him & close to each other. It hurts when they’ve made negative comments about each other although I told them now that I don’t want to hear ANY negative comments around me. They have agreed. I just want them to be close; & only God knows why they aren’t. 😢

  110. Mary Cross says:

    HI I need healing prayers for my sister and her husband. He is battling cancer and she has COPD, they are only in their late 50’s. I just found her in 2002 and I am not willing to let either one of them go. Thank you in advance.


  111. Asking for prayer for my 20 year old son. Isaiah. He strayed away and ran into the wrong crowd. Was introduced to drugs and went through a bad break up. Now he has a 16 month old baby that needs him. He’s on the streets and we don’t know his whereabouts. As his mother my heart is broken. I was a teen mom when I had him. I did my best to raise him right. Along with the help of my husband (his step dad). My husband loves him as his own. We are hurting. We don’t know how to get the help he needs especially if he is not willing.

    • Hi Rosy….I was so drawn to your prayer. I have a 30 y.o. son who struggles with alcohol & drugs, so I understand a bit. I really felt a surge of hope inside me, for your son, when I read about his step-dad, your husband. You said you tried to raise him right & he had the love of a same’sex parent. That is huge & gives him something many kids don’t have. I feel to strongly encourage you….the enemy may have won a few battles but I declare & decree right now in the name of Jesus Christ that he has not & WILL NOT win the war in your son’s life! Father, You know exactly where this child of Yours is. Send angels to minister to him & bring about Your will for his life. Comfort his Mom & Dad & protect his little one. Thank You that Your Word says You will perfect all those things that pertain to us….our children are #3 in our lives…You, our spouse & then our kids. Thank You for what You’ve done, what You’re doing, & what You’re going to do in this young man’s life! We love You & we trust You!! Amen

      • Thank you Bonnie for your kind words. I needed this. Going to continue to put my trust in the Lord. Satan will not win. Our God is bigger than him. God bless you Bonnie.

  112. I ask prayer warriors that you pray for my health. I’m 37 – I’ve had many blood clots. No one knows why, the potential reasons are incredibly scary. And Again, I hurt. I see my physician today. Please pray for healing. Blessings, Jenn

    • Father God, I lift Jen up to You. Lord You know all things, stop the blood clots Father. Heal her from the top of her head to the soles of her feet, from the inside to the outside, touching every organ with the precious blood of Jesus Christ. Bring forth Your peace and comfort upon her Lord. Let her rest in Your arms of love. In Jesus name. Amen

  113. Again I am heart broken…my husband of 23 yrs has been having an affair for the past 2 1/2 yrs. he has been back and forth with doing what’s right so many times that I don’t think I can take anymore heartache. I have prayed & believed that God would do what only He could in restoring my marriage & family. I still believe He can but I am tired & I don’t think I can do this any longer. I believed I was suppose to stand firm against the attack of satan against my family. Please pray that I will have a clear picture of what God wants from me…I can not carry on like this any longer.

    • Praying for you and your family Tammy.

    • Tammy…..maybe the grace to keep standing has lifted. I went through a similar experience with my ex-husband & after a time, God released me. You are worn out & I don’t believe God wants you to keep suffering when your husband is not repentant. We are not called to be door mats. People treat us the way we allow them to. It doesn’t sound like your husband wants to change. Have you spoken to your pastor or a strong Christian friend or counselor? A lawyer? I’d really encourage you to. God is our very present help in trouble…He will help you….He will direct you…He will be your Husband right now. I pray you are not keeping all this to yourself. You need to share what’s going on truthfully. Don’t make it sound better than it is. Your husband needs to be accountable to your pastor or a counselor for his actions. Father, bless Your daughter. She is broken & tired. She needs to know You are right there, that You love her & that it’s okay to let it all out. Lead her Lord. Bring the right people into her life. This is a tough battle Lord BUT she is not alone & you will help her through just like You did for me. Send angels to minister to her & her children. You deal with her husband, Your son. She can trust You! In Jesus’ precious name I pray, with all HOPE, Amen.

  114. I would so appreciate prayers for my son Matthew,stongholds to be broken and that he would call his mama soon. I really need to hear his voice. Thank you!

  115. After 20 months of unemployment, bills long overdue, car not working, my water heater is now leaking and me and my daughter are without hot water (you really don’t know how much we take for granted until it’s gone). Please pray with and for us that Father God be gracious in His mercy and bless us with a miracle (hopefully before year end). I know that this is truly a test of my faith and I want to honor Him through it all so that the Lord is glorified! Thank you

    • Amen Robyn. I’ve been there, unemployed, single mom, and aware that I need God to quickly show up. Praying He does so with more than you expect. 🙂

      • Thanks for the encouragement Kirsten. This whole faith walk, trust and depending on God is hard when you’re used to doing everything yourself and staying in a constant state of anxiety and worry. But I’m so determined to try it His way and “let go and let God!” 😌🙏🏽

  116. Lord, you know what I need even before I ask. And I know that You will come through for me. I ask only that You give me the strength and courage to remain steadfast in my faith so that I may endure the hardships that lay ahead. I TRUST You Lord with my entire life. “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to Him and He will make your paths straight.” (Proverbs 3:5-6) Amen! Amen!

  117. My husband fractured his neck yesterday and is paralysed. They are going to send him to a specialist unit hundreds of miles away. My father lives here but has terminal cancer and my sister with two young children also has cancer but lives hundreds of miles away. I don’t know how I can be there for all of them. I have ME and my husband was the strong one. Please would you pray for us because only the Lord can help.

    • Heavy Father I lift up Heather and her husband to you Father we know this situation look like there’s no light but Father we know that everything works for the good of those who love you and are called according to your purpose! Father I speak healing to Heathers husband her Father and her sister Father I pray your miraculous healing come on each of them Father. I pray for peace and every door to be opened that need to be opened to bring healing Father. I ask that you touch these lives in a mighty way. May it be so in Jesus mighty name! Amen

  118. I need prayer as I feel so lonely ,my birthday is the 22nd December…..

    Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

    In December 2007, my dear sister’s health was deteriorating, as my family sat at her bedside day by day,we saw her grow weaker and weaker. I prayed that God would be merciful and let her spend one more Christmas and one more Birthday with me. My sister knew in her heart that Jesus would come for her, I was planning a wonderful birthday dinner to celebrate with her, secretly praying God would grant me one miraculous Birthday present and heal her of cancer. I prayed so hard. I prayed with strong,unwavering faith, my sister had told me that she would not be around for my birthday on the 22nd December,so she was saying her ” Good- byes” to everyone! I was heart broken! I remember it well,the Gracious mercy of God, on the night of the 20th December I had the marvelous miraculous opportunity to lie next to her in silent prayer, I held her hand and prayed fervently, I knew and felt the presence of Jesus in that dark room. I felt the angels singing around us as we both lay there,I was crying,believing in my heart and soul that Jesus had come to touch and heal her. I was so happy… fact that spiritual experience was Jesus being there to usher her into His presence in heaven! As I lay in the darkness on the bed, I had a marvelous vision of Jesus hugging both my sister and myself and I felt the warmth of His love enveloping us,then I suddenly heard myself telling Jesus, ” Hi Jesus,this is Donna,my sister, please take good care of her.” In my happiness, I thought that vision was showing me that Jesus had just healed her but in fact He had come into the room for her! She passed away early in the morning of the 21st.
    I write this asking that you pray for my family and myself as we remember the bittersweet memory of her passing on the 21st December and my birthday the 22nd, which I celebrate with sadness as I miss her, but knowing she is with Jesus.
    I remember crying out to God why did He have to take her as she had such a loving family,loving devoted husband and two young girls, I wanted to take her place as my life was not very happy. I still feel like that sometimes….
    Please remember us in your prayers.
    Thank You. God bless you all! Merry Christmas!

    Lisa Maria Mclaughlin.

    • Lisa, that is a beautiful story thank you for sharing. Those precious glimpses of heaven are so wonderful and amazing! I pray that you feel peace and joy that doesn’t mean you won’t miss your sister but you have that deep trust that Jesus is with you. Remember God has a plan for your life and trust Him to fulfill that through you and in you remember Jeremiah 29:11 dear sister I lift you and your family in Jesus name. Amen

    • One morning I had a vision of me handing a precious family member into Jesus’ arms, my precious family member passed on a few hours later, to our surprise because we all thought the miraculous healing would happen. Well, that miraculous healing did in fact happen as our precious family member is now in Heaven healed and whole with a brand new never to fail again body, in the presence of our loving God evermore. There is no better healing than that and to know our loved ones have in fact made it to heaven, many will not. I pray these things we know that we know that we know will sustain us as we grieve. Amen.

  119. Please pray for my children. All 4 adult children not living right and I don’t even know if any of them are saved. They were raised in church, but I had no support at home with them, so when they graduated high school, they were gone from church. It burdens my heart so to see them living without the Lord especially in this day and age! Please pray that they all come to know the Lord! Thank you.

    • Regina stay encouraged my sweet sister Proverbs 22:6 says if we raise up our children in the ways of the Lord they will not depart from it when they are old. Don’t let the enemy discourage you walk by faith and we pray that the love of Christ will draw your children back to thier 1st love we pray all this in Jesus mighty name!

    • Amen praying for your 4 children. My payer for them. “I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh.”
      ‭‭Ezekiel‬ ‭36:26‬ ‭NIV‬‬.

      I pray this over my son everyday! God bless and Merry Christmas!

  120. What’s really in my heart right now. I just want God to let me die. There is no hope for me. I no longer believe it. I just want to die.

    • Sheila Mangum says:

      Praying for you this moment sister! WE LOVE YOU! May God show Himself to YOU personally, miraculously and beautifully today! AMEN AND AMEN!

    • I have been at that point of despair where you think nothing will ever be different and I hurt with you right now. He says, “even to your old age and gray hairs, I am he. I am he who will sustain you, I have made you and I will carry you. I will sustain you and I will rescue you.” Come quickly Lord to hopeless. “Do not fear for I have redeemed you, I have called you by name, you are mine. I paid a huge price for you…that’s how much you mean to me. That’s how much I love you. I would sell off the whole world to have you back, trade the creation just for you.”

    • Praying for you remember you are precious in Gods sight created for a reason may He wrap his loving arms around you in Jesus name I believe it is so! Amen

    • Father, rejuvenate and fill Your loved one with the fruits of Your Spirit through the power Jesus died to give us. That power is ours now, You promised that, please show Your daughter how much she is loved and needed through the power of Your Holy Spirit. Amen.

    • Hi! I have gone through a similar situation years ago when my ex disappeared for 7 yesrs. It wasnt essy but I grew in my dependance on our God. And even though me & my 3 children were hurt immensely, they grew in their knowledge & trust of God beause He provided for us. I know He will meet your néeds as well!!

    • My beloved. You shall not die but live to fulfil the works of God. So many destinies are tied to you and awaiting your manifestation. Arise and shine for your light is come. Today God has perfected EVERYTHING that concerns you. It is well with you. We love you but God loves you most. Rejoice!

  121. My husband is an alcoholic and he says he is saved and he does come to church. However, he drinks every night to where he passes out. He does not go in bars so he thinks he is a better man for that,. So I recently told him that his drinking was not good for our children (3 grown out of house and 1 home 8years old boy) I know nagging about it is not good so I wait for God to open the door for a conversation about the harm its doing to our family. This has happened a few times and I see God trying to do his work in my husband but it also looks like my husband is bucking real hard. He has a problem with alcohol and Im pretty sure he knows this but does not want help due to pride. Please pray for him and our marriage. He doesn’t think there is anything wrong with marriage but I have a lot of pain due to this alcohol problem.

    • Praying for you and your family. Boundaries by Henry Cloud is a great book and has some insight on dealing with that exact issue. Lord give wisdom and strength to Shannon. I pray you would cover her and her children and I pray you would heal her from the pain this causes her. I pray you would release her husband from the bondage of alcohol and convict him of how he is hurting himself and his family in the name of Jesus.

    • Hi Shannon….I was wondering, as I read your message, if you’ve talked to your pastor or a counselor about you truth? We are not called to walk alone. You have lived many years with this…sometimes we start to believe lies about us, our situation & God. We think we “made our bed & have to lie in it” or “I can’t do anything to change my life” or “This must be what God wants for me”. I really encourage you to share what’s going on. I believe the Lord does want His best for you, your husband & your children.

  122. Praise God for the beautiful house he has provided me with where I can entertain friends and family. I do need prayer however as I am still single and I know God has promised me marriage I just need to trust Him and have faith and also that this promise will be fulfilled very very soon. I appreciate the Song of Solomon series you are doing Sheila because 2 days before you started that series the Lord spoke to me and told me to start reading Song of Songs as this would help me really understand what love is like. Your series was confirmation that the Lord did indeed tell me to start digging in deep to this book. Merry Christmas to everyone.

  123. mary bordes says:

    Praise God! My niece has taken godly advice!

  124. A friend of mine (Kristin) is very ill and in need of a liver transplant however she is not well enough to have one. Please pray in agreement with me for a miraculous healing of every organ, and cell in her body. That the Lord would cover her with a healing that defies medicine and leaves the doctors in awe of God, our master Physician.
    Thank you 🙂

    • Father God, I ask You Lord for Your healing power to fall upon Kristin. Touch her liver and completely restore her. Strengthen her immune system Lord. Let Your perfect DNA flow through her body touching every organ and bring health upon her. You word says, she will live and not die and declare Your works Lord. We are standing on Your promises Father, I ask these thing in Jesus Christ name, Amen

  125. I am burdened for the lostness of this world. Satan is the great deceiver and deceit prevails in the world today. That which is evil is called good and good is seen as evil…exactly as the Bible says will happen in the last days. I am praying for a worldwide awakening today. May God soften hard hearts, open blind eyes and allow repentance in every heart…because HE alone is worthy to be worshipped and receive praise. JESUS IS LORD! Amen

    • Yes Lord, I agree with Jackie. Lord your word says, every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess You are God. Please Lord protect Your christen from the evil ways. In Jesus Name, Amen

  126. Biatriz Facundo says:

    I praise God for everyday I do what I need to but I do need prayers for a friends son who had an accident and is in a coma please pray for Kelvin he only ten yrs old and he in a foreign country and he needs money to survive and his parents don’t have that kind of money. Also I pray for another friend that he gets his money also so he can continue his job so he can come home. In Jesus name I pray amen

    • We pray for abundance in all the areas these people have lack. May God bless them in ways we cannot imagine and May He surprise them with more than they need.

  127. Please continue in prayer that my husband comes home. Thanksgiving was so sad without my husband I pray for a miracle to have him home with his family for Christmas. Please pray he is chasened to repentance and reconciliation in Jesus’ name I pray amen

    • Praying with you, Erika. Lord, please hear the cries of your daughter. Restore this marriage and heal the brokenness. Reward your daughter’s faithfulness and give her peace in the midst of this storm. I pray you would give get husband a Damascus Rd experience and that he would be filled with godly sorrow which leads to repentance. Give your daughter patience and endurance during her season of wait as you work all things for her good. Lord we know you want this family back together as the in your word you say you hate divorce. Restore the love they have for one another mad may you be glorified in their marriage. Amen & amen!

  128. Lord heal the broken hearts of me and my children. I pray you would lead their father back to you. I pray you bind anything in both our lives that leads us away from you, away from building the family you want for us. I pray against the enemy and his plans to tear us apart. I pray we would submit our lives and this situation over to you so that you can use it for our good and your glory. Lord I pray your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. I pray for complete surrender in our lives, make our door of trouble a door of hope, make us whole.

  129. Please pray for me,my husband and my children.
    It has been a very difficult two years full of so many uncertainties and financial drowning.
    Our son needs heart surgery and we can’t afford same.
    My job does not provide adequate renumeration and I am overlooked every time re promotion.
    We are both exhausted beyond words as we have many burdens financially – school fees, re payments, medication and treatments.
    Every business ventures when about to succeed , fails..
    We continue to hold on to God but sometimes shamefully,depression, fear and doubt takes hold.
    Please, please please pray for us.
    Many Thanks for the three stranded prayers. It is a gift and a blessing when all else seem to fail.

    • Father God let Your love, peace, and comfort fall upon Nimi and her family. Lord I call upon Your healing touch upon her sons heart, I ask You provide all that they need. Let Your love and presence be with them wrap them in Your arms of love.

      • Amen and Thank You so much for joining me in prayer.
        I thank God for the path of faith am on at the moment and inspite of the negative physical manifestations around me.
        I give Him ALL the Praise , Honour and Glory.
        I believe all is well in the mighty name of Jesus and in faith, I ask you my sisters and brothers in Christ to join me and thank Jehovah God ,our Salvation and our Creator for answering All my prayers and for completely healing my husband, son and my mother , for uplifting me in the job sector and providing our dream home in the name that is above all names Jesus Christ.Amen.

  130. Please pray for me experiencing a discharge on left brast. Going for mammogram on Friday 18.12.2015 @ 13h00 South African time.

    Pray for son Mark to have encounter with Christ.He is wayward. Also spouse is away from Christ. Pray for son Matthew.

    God Bless

  131. I am battling to have and keep a renewing of the mind. That also is my prayer.
    Thank you
    Blessings Shirley

    • Shirley may the Lord give you strength to continue to renew your mind in his loving promises because the truth WILL set you free in Jesus mighty name

    • This battle I know well. I began by clinging to a single comforting passage… And thinking that passage each morning as I woke.

      There is a proven theory that we are given new synapses and cells in our brain each day. Those gifts from God to renew our minds are literal. The new cells/synapses have never experienced anything from your past…And in feeding them the first solid food of His word strengthens them from your first waking moment.
      So I encourage you to start small, with one passage each morning that you have memorized and make it your first waking thought…Then read His word, even just one more passage as your first deed of the day…setting your mind to the highest thoughts does renew… God and His Word Absolutely does renew your mind.

      Blessings! 🙂

  132. I thank you for your prayers that speak the words of my soul at just the right time. Would you please pray for my son? He is 11 and dealing with lots of bullying. Thank you so much!

    • I have a son close to that age and how heartbreaking it is to watch them be bullied. Lord I pray for this child and his mother, bind up their wounds. Lord give them strength and wisdom to know how to handle this. It says in Isaiah, “we thought God was punishing him for his own sins but it was our disfigurements he carried, everything that was wrong with us was piled on him.” Lord comfort your children that are bullied. I pray that it would bring them closer to you, that they would come to understand and relate to what you endured for all of us and that it would give them hope and perseverance in the midst of their pain.

  133. Sheila I am always blessed and encouraged your emails, At times I have felt they were just for me. GOD IS GOOD. I am so thankful that He cares about everything in our lives.
    I really need for Him to intervene in my life today. I need a miracle for my son today. The Lord has given me the promise that no weapon formed against him will prosper and every tongue that rises in judgment against him, he can condemn it is he heritage of the servants of the Lord. and his righteousness is of me sayeth the Lord.
    I have one son walking with the Lord and 2 that are prodigals. the Lord has promised me, If I believe in Jesus I will be saved and my house. And I have watched Him bring in members of my house over the years.
    I need a financial miracle, a large one. I also need healing miracles in my body and brain. As well as strong direction for my life. I have so much going on in my life I have become overwhelmed. I ‘m a widow and my sons live in different cities than I do. I ask it all in Jesus name I am thankful Our Father hears and answers when we cry onto Him.

  134. God bless you Sheila. Thank you for your beautiful and powerful prayers. They always comes at the right time, at the right moment. Please help me pray for my son. For three years he has been struggling with depression, self-harming and suicidal thought. He was raised in the word of God, but now he denies His existence. Recently he had a setback and we are back on square one again. Please help me pray for his safety, his healing, but most of all for an encounter with Jesus that transforms his life. Thank you Sheila. May the Lord keep blessing you and this powerful ministry.

    • May Our Father comfort you dear mother as you care for your child in this battle. May He also nurture and grow any and all mustard seeds of Faith in your son. Amen.

  135. Please God restore my marriage. Please I love him. Its been 5 months and I am waiting for him to come home. Please pray my husband repents and turns back to God and his family. In Jesus’ precious name,amen.

  136. Raenell Marston says:

    Sheila: Thank you soo much for this prayer today. I have several things on my heart that I have given to God but when we pray scripture He loves it and I am so happy to do that today.
    Please pray for my family today and especially for my husband and a mission team from our church who is in Taiwan doing the Lords work and sharing the Son! My family has had some real surprises lately and I ask prayers for them as well. Thank you in the Name of JESUS!

    • Taiwan is a challenging mission field. May the ground they softened be seeded and the seeds they planted be nurtured and may truth flourish in their land (and ours). And May God make Himself known to you and your family by blessings and by calming the seas of surprise in your lives. Those surprises can really rock the boat sometimes and we need Him to speak calm over rough waters.

  137. Thank you for your prayers, that was perfect this morning as I had just finished reading and fighting with my thoughts I opened my phone and found your email. It’s like the Holy Spirit spoke directly through you to me and I’m sure to many. I yearn for a deeper relationship I want to be in that secret place with Him be enlightened, I don’t know what it is that I struggle to be able to. Please pray with me that God would continue to have His way, I wouldn’t let my thoughts rule nor my own will or emotions. I submit every area to be reshaped, refined, renewed whatever He needs to do. Thank you. Thank you again for your obedience to pray with all of us I pray God would continue to bless you. God Bless.

    • I pray with you absolutely that He embraces your willingness to turn to Him and responds with an outflow of His presence. May you continue to grow in Faith as you submit to His plan, His hand. May He lead you forward on a firm foundation with confidence. Amen!

  138. Hi 3 Strand Family!

    I am quitting smoking today & would ask that you pray for me to be strong. The enemy has used this against me for long enough! I have quit before..only to return. Now is the time!!!

    Thank you for standing & agreeing with me,


    • Bonnie I’m in agreement with you and this strong hold will be broken in Jesus name!

      • Ah Maria…I truly wish I could say I’ve been successful, but I havent.

        BUT…I’m NOT giving up. I have faith that I, with God, can do it!!

        Thanks for your comment.

    • No fear. Be bold. Keep asking God for His will to be done regarding this habit. Keep asking for Him to do it in you.

      I battled this for awhile. Then one day at bible study God opened my eyes to see His truth about that habit (a personal truth that convicted me, a tangible reality and connection to His word) and His will for me to stop. I even tried to debate with Him in that moment of realization to extend smoking to finish the pack…silly girl, debating His will. But He surprised me by graciously and positively affirming His will and accepting my submission to His will for me to not smoke – I battled only to keep clearly focused on His will and it stuck (instead of battling to not smoke, I was standing for God’s will for me). After years of feeling like a failure in fighting smoking (quitting, starting, stopping, starting), He showed me the victory was with Him and in standing for His will to be done in my life.

      • Thank you, Kirsten…this ìs a new way for me to look at it!

        Merry Christmas!!

      • Hi Kirsten….God is so good….He had me read this again tonite. I’m still smoking but determined to not give up. But…He HAS shown me things & I continue. I honestly don’t know if I’m just rebellious or some “work” needs to be done or what!?! Blessings to you!!

    • Bonnie, how’s it going? God led me here to see if you were still walking the steps He laid out for you to take. You need to take them without delay. He has perfect timing and you can follow.

  139. Asking for prayer for my son, Matthew and his daughters, Victoria, 7 and Maria, 6. They live in Mexico. They are very sick and the Drs. aren’t sure what is wrong. Their blood work will come back tomorrow. They need a financial miracle as well!!! Bless you!

  140. My friend Christine (57) and her daughter Toni (33) gave me permission to place a prayer request on their behalf. (I am subscribed to The Power of 3-Stranded Prayer and regularly forward your emails to them). They both are deeply committed Christians. Christine & Toni are facing adverse circumstances for almost 3 years already. Both lost their jobs. They lost their home & all their possessions due to that. They have lived in their car. They once got held up at gunpoint while the gang robbed the petrol station where they had slept in their car. Toni got a job in January 2015 & they could rent a small room again. But Toni recently lost her job due to unfair dismissal. She took the case to Arbitration & Mediation, but only got compensation for one month, which helped them to remain in their room for another month. But now they are facing evacuation of their room because they cannot pay any further rent (unfortunately we cannot house them as we live in a small flat). They are constantly applying for jobs. We are all praying but no answer has come yet. They are in DIRE NEED of a miraculous intervention & breakthrough from Father God. They don’t see their way open to live on the streets again. Please PRAY for my dear friends, whom, in spite of all the years of adversity, are still standing strong in their faith. Thank you.

    • Hi Dalene….I was just reading your prayer & wondered if your friends’ needs have been supplied yet. I did pray & will continue if you let me know. Blessings to you!

      • Hi Bonnie thank you so much for praying. I am sad to say that their situation has become even more hopeless. They will be visiting me tomorrow (13 January) and then I will be able to make a full assessment of their situation. I will keep you updated. In the meanwhile, please keep on praying. Blessings to you.

      • Hi Bonnie…I saw Christine and Toni the middle of January and am still in contact with them on a daily contact. As I am writing this update now, they are trusting God yet again to provide their rent for the next month. If it is not provided, they will have to move out on Monday. We are trusting God to help them out of their distress and also to release His Word that would release His “rain” of abundant provision for rent, food, and a job. Amen.

  141. Please, I need prayers for my son, David.

    He is 8 years old and have many problems, he has not a father, because he is not good in mind. Sorry I am from Spain and I do not speak english.

    I am very sad about the tears of my little son.

    Thank you.

    • Hi Rocio….I was wondering if things are better for your son? I pray the Lord protects his heart & gives him wisdom beyond his years. Father, bring him a really good friend that he can play with & help him to turn to you for help. Bless his Mom…..I know our hearts are precious to You. Bless this little, special family!

  142. Hello: Just wanted a prayer request for my daughter Victoria that has been hurt. Brokenhearted and I just want us to pray that she does not let go of our Lord’s hand and not believe the enemy’s lies. Thank you. I pray that Victoria turns to You Father in this time of loneliness. Lift her up with Your righteous right Hand Lord, I ask in Jesus Mighty Name. Amen!

  143. Oh Jesus, we praise you that you are so good. And you pour out your love on us daily. I am amazed at how You work from what I see and I acknowledge that You are doing many things on the other other of the mountain. Jesus, I give you my husband. Jesus, you understand why he has walked away from his faith and witness the hold satan has on him. In the name of Jesus, bind up the enemy and remove him from my hubby’s life. Jesus, fill him and all the prodigals with their own personal Damascus road experience,taking the blinders off their eyes and complete repentance and surrendering to you. Jesus, we agree that you are in control and nothing is too hard for you. Reveal to us, how you are moving and what our next step is especially when it feels so lonely and unknown. Remind us to praise you as 2 Chron 20. This is your battle and we lay our prodigals at your feet. Touch and heal our lives and prepare our hearts to love unconditionally and forgive so we can freely accept them when they come back to you. What a day of rejoicing that will be! May you be glorified Jesus!!!!

  144. Roxi Mortimer says:

    I ask for prayers for all of my children to turn thier lives back to Jesus, especially my youngest daughter who has gotten involved in the Mormon church and was baptized , all of my children were raised in church, and taught who Jesus is and that they needed to accept Him as thier Savior, without Him, we are so lost, and that my grandchildren would come to know Jesus too. it breaks my heart that they do not know or live for Jesus

    • Roxi I stand in prayer for you. This is also my prayer and I have seen my children return to our Lord. God is good. Anything else is just temporary. Jesus is the only way. We need to stand and fight for our family. Put on your children and grandchildren the whole full armor of God every day! Pray and never stop. Blessings Rosemary

  145. Thank you for posting this prayer over us! I lost my job of 15 years unexpectedly last week. I’ve asked the Lord to forgive me if I loved my job more than Him! The assurance that all ends well when we trust Him with everything, is a great reminder that this was not unexpected to my Father, and that He already has a better future and greater provision lined up for me! Deuteronomy 30:9(NIV) “then the LORD your God will make you most prosperous on all the work of your hands!” Praising God for His strategy to bring my heart back fully to love Him above my job and in return giving me a better job! I’m believing for this. Thank you for your prayers!!!

  146. I want to ask for Prayer and Divine guidance for my marriage that’s breaking down & against my current financial crisis. In Jesus name.

  147. Praise God for He is Faithful and Just. He has introduced me to a wonderful family, all of you and especially Ms. Mangum.
    My family, Home, my Relationship especially has been under such a horrible onslaught for months now, my enemy has been brutal and relentless, but God. My once fiancé, now boyfriend because he’s so confused and blinded is a severe Porn addict, he’s having sexual relations with lesbians and anything that is placed in front of him, all while telling me He loves me, and then changes his mind in the next sentence. I’ve had satan present himself to me wanting to Bargain with me, telling me that he, satan, would leave my oldest son alone If I let go of my boyfriend. My son and boyfriend are both saved but have drifted. Praise God that they are His and He, God, will never allow my son or boyfriend to be plucked out of his loving hand. I will not bargain for either and the attacks have become more brutal. How many times I’ve wanted to just give up. My boyfriend is a Dreamer and he sees the Spiritual, Jesus himself has appeared to him in his dreams and my boyfriend, Eli, washed Jesus’ feet, but he’s running from God, He’s seeking Psychics and mediums the astrology charts and everything else he can pay for to be led to his True Love and what he thinks will g e Happiness . I know who Eli is to me, because God has shown me, but satan does not want us to be or for Eli to know who he really is in Jesus. I’m standing in the gap, but do become weary and tired. I hurt, but God. I’m a Conqueror, Victorious in Jesus name, this my Home and Family….

  148. Please pray that God would free me from addiction. I know I have freedom in Him, struggling!
    Thank you

  149. Please help me pray for my siblings they need jobs. Also for my me I have a contract job I want to become permanent. And for one very special request. My niece. God knows her need right now and I pray God delivers her and keeps her and heals her body. In Jesus name.

  150. caroline taylor says:

    Hi my name is Caroline. And I am the grandmother of our beautiful grand daughter who was born on 11th October last Sunday at 515am. My daughter Roshelle had an uncomplicated pregnancy. But unfortunately we did not know until our granddaughter was born that she had been infected with CMV which is ok to us but not ok to new borns. And in the case of our granddaughter she is most severe case in years they have ever seen. Today all her specialist are getting together and talking. Then they going to give my daughter there perspective on this situation as to whether we should let her go. Because of the seizures she is having trouble breathing. You can google CMV so you get an idea what we are up against as she full blown CMV. We are all numb and shocked. Please pray for my daughter and granddaughter. We need a miracle for this little baby girl its just not fair. Thank you

  151. MickieKaren says:

    I have so much going on in my life right now. My mom has just been diagnosed with terminal cancer and lives 3 hours away. My marriage is not the greatest right now. My income is not great and my husband will loose his job in a few years (at least we got warning) but with my mom I can’t look for anything else right now. But my biggest concern is my young adult daughter. She has been dating a guy that my “mom gut” just doesnt have a good feeling about. She is very serious. Since dating him, her relationship with God has dropped considerably and her time spent with her family is almost non existent. She spends all her time at his house. I am not the best choice to talk to her about it as we butt heads. I really am not sure if he is a Christian. They grew up quite differently. I feel she is letting society tell her it is time and he seems like a good choice. I could use all the prayers I can get. I do have great prayer partners who pray for me daily. I know God is great and he is in control. I just need some peace from God and for him to open my daughters eyes and ears to hear him and come back to him. Thank you so much for listening and for your prayers. It is great to know there are great prayer warriors out there to intercede for those of us in our season of “storms”.

    • My dear sister, Your prayer request is much like mine. Life has been very hard, lost my mom in January to cancer after being diagnosed 3 weeks later. Very much shocked by it all. But to let you know God has been there for me and His love and mercy never ends. I will be praying for you to find peace and comfort during this season with your mom. Only God knows the outcome, we have to trust in Him only. As for your daughter, my daughter ran away with a young man 15 months ago. This was a young girl with so many gifts from the Lord. She was full of life and served the Lord, He gave her the gifts of art, music, and such a prayer warrior. Now she is locked in a world of poverty, she has lost 80 pounds, very weak and not doing well. But so far she is still only seeing through her eyes, not Gods. But my prayer for her is the prayer I will pray over your daughter, Bring our daughters back to Your love Father, show them their worth in Your eyes Lord. Keep them safe in Your arms Lord, and bring them back to You. Restore our relationships with them Lord, take away the disappointments and heartache from us Lord. Keep our eyes focused on You. As for your husbands job, my husband just lost his job and we are in the process of moving back to our home town. Its very hard when his job is the main support of the family. I will also work, but don’t make enough to cover everything. So Lord hear our prayers, open new doors for our husbands. We know You have the perfect plan and purpose for these men. We trust in You Lord with all of our hearts. I ask for new relationships between our husbands, renew our love for one another. Bless our marriages, and keep us together as one with You. Bless MickieKaren with Your perfect peace and love, wrap Your arms around her Lord. Let her feel Your present and know You are with her in all things. God bless you, and I will continue to pray for you.

      • Sheila Mangum says:

        THIS IS BEAUTIFUL and exactly what this prayer blog is for! Well Done Linda! AMEN AND AMEN and may God answer both of the cries of your hearts exceedingly and abundantly!

      • MickieKaren says:

        Thank you so very much. Your words and prayer were very encouraging and gave me peace. It was very unusual for us to have the same trials in our lives right now. It is amazing how God puts the right people in your lives at the right times. I will continue to remember you in my prayers also. I look forward to all the wonders and miracles that God is going to answer for each of us.

  152. Robertsine Israel says:

    Please for god direction I n my life concerning a heart matter/engagement, a broken coverant even word that speak negatively,

  153. Robertsine Israel says:

    Thank you that word of encouragement,

  154. Thank you for this encouragement. My husband died in May and left me with a huge debt and a very small pension. I need Gods wisdom and I need a financial miracle!

  155. I pray and beg for restoration of my marriage and my family. My husband John needs to give in and allow the lord to work miracles in our lives but until he gives in and gets saved we will continue to struggle. I pray for his salvation. I want to be a priority and to be loved like Christ loves the church. I know God can work miracles and and I’m certain that this happen. I’m standing still and firm and believing in gods word. All things are possible with God.

  156. The past 4 years I have experienced a Job story. Though many other trials have taken place the most notable is my husband allowed my vehicle to be repossessed, our home foreclosed, then he a year and half later left after 16 years of marriage to seek out his first girlfriend before his 1st marriage. My son experienced very serious health issues, my husband filed for divorce twice. My son moved in with his dad half- way through the separation and stop going to church, got addicted to drugs and was arrested with cocaine just before his 18th birthday. The final assault was losing my job of 13 years 7 months ago. I have remained close to God and have stood on His Word and promises. God restored my son’s health, his conviction is being adjudicated, and I finally got an amazing job last week. The second day of my new job I received a text stating my divorce was finalized 9.29.15. I am asking for prayer to remain strong and keep my eyes on God as He continues to work and restore my life according to His glory.

  157. I have a prayer request…recently I had told you my prodigal husband agreed to go see War Room with me and he did. I was hopeful after because it really touched me and I thought it would him too. However, he said it did but nothing changed. Sunday I was given a pamphlet regarding a marriage restoration workshop in our area and asked if this was something my husband and I would like to attend. Well I prayed about it before I asked my husband. I asked him not to say no right away and to please pray about it before deciding. So, I’m asking for prayer that God would soften his heart and we can use this workshop as a tool to begin rebuilding.
    Thank you for your prayers!

  158. I look forward to your Bible Study. Thank you for following the Lord’s leading in all your endeavors as they are reaching many. My request would be family restoration if it be God’s perfect Will and renew my “First Love” for the Lord. He fills my days and nights with His thoughts but I feel like I could be ever the more near to Him and be more passionate in my conversations to share Christ with others. When I was first saved, I had more of a boldness and I’d like that to return and also a renewed love for my husband like I had when we were first married.
    Thank you so much.

  159. Pray for my family.. Thank you..

  160. I will be joining your bible study. Lookin so forward to it.
    Please pray my family as a breakthrough is needed in many areas .
    Seems like lately many things have taken place all at once.
    It would take a book to tell all of it. We need strength,direction,wisdom,knowledge,discernment,and God’s hand of protection on everyone of us. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR YOUR PRAYERS…

  161. I will be joining you in studying the Song of Songs! Please pray for my health to improve so I can work part time at least and for my financial health as well. God bless you!

  162. I need a breakthrough in my life especially regarding financial provision.

  163. I would love to join you in the Song of Solomon study.
    I would love to be prayed for about my relationship with a daughter to be reconciled, healed, restored for the glory of God!

  164. Please pray for my family. My children and myself are heartbroken due to my once pastor husband moving in with his mistress. He has been away 3 months now and has decided to not provide any support for us and has not even been willing to speak to me. He is blinded by Satan saying God brought him and his mistress together. I love and miss my husband and our teenage children are suffering with anger abandonment and fear. They do not want to attend any church services and our whole family has been turned upside down . please pray my husband gets right with God and us. Please pray for my children and myself as we wait on God’s timing. Give us strength hope peace and trust in God like never before. Please pray my husband sees what he’s doing with clarity and it brings him shame and regret and he repents fully. Thank you so much …this is my desperate prayer

    • Praying for your heart to be comforted, as well as your children’s’ hearts! Praying for your husband to return to a right relationship with God and for your marriage to be restored! God bless you, dear sister!

    • I have been on this journey for over 2yrs. My husband and I were on the praise & worship team at church. He left me & our 2 sons. His girlfriend told me they pray every night thanking God for brining them together, finally. I told her God didn’t bring them together but satan did. In the beginning my husband was distant but now we’re still married and we talk almost daily. A couple of times he has said he will come home but for now he still lives with the other woman. There is a website that has gotten me through, along with Sheila’s prayers, and I’ve gotten closer to God during this season. The website is called Rejoice Marriage Ministries. I will be praying for you. This is a hard season but trust God. He can change the hardest of hearts and open the eyes of the blind!

    • Hi Erika….I am so sorry you’re going thru this….& your children. I have a similar story altho mine happened 20 years ago. If you want to talk more, just let me know.

      I got a picture when I was praying for you. Does your husband have an anger/rage problem? In this picture he was very angry, throwing things around, very chaotic…maybe alcohol & drugs involved?
      I pray God shows you more, if the picture in my mind’s view was from Him.

      God, please send help to this famìly!!

  165. I want to join in on the Song of Solomon prayers! Thank you for your heart God bless you

  166. I need prayer. Can you please stand with me for my marriage, we need a miracle! I need clear not doubt mind, not wavering. I love and believe in The Lord Jesus Christ I trust and know He IS in control. This is just such a hard season for us and my family. But I know it can’t keep going the way it is. I stepped out this morning in Faith now I am just asking that I Trust God to move. If it’s me that moved before God then I ask for forgiveness and That He turn things the way He wanted them too!! Oh How I need You Lord!! In Jesus name

  167. Please pray for my daughter, Jennifer. She had always been her fathers favorite but he was angry with her and hadn’t spoken to her for months before he died. She is really struggling with grief and depression….

    • Oh Margaret, I just read this. I will pray for your daughter. Has she been for counselling? God, I pray You send warring angels to intervene & bring àbout Your will for her life!!

  168. Please pray for my sister. She is at a crossroads, and I pray that she will choose the path that God wants her to be on. Pray that the Holy Spirit will move in her life in such a way that she doesn’t have any question as to where she should go.

  169. Hi! I am so looking forward to this Bible Study on the Song of Songs! And I would covet your prayers for depression to leave & my health to improve. Thank you & God bless!

  170. I need your prayers. My husband has been cheating on me for the past 4 or more years with at least 3 women that I know of. His financial obligations are no problem (just covers the bills and sometimes a little extra) but it’s the disrespect I hate. I’ve even got into a physical altercation with one of them last year and now I’ve heard of some less desirable young woman he’s supposed to be fooling around with that he’s trying to keep this one on the low. I’ve fallen out of love with him and I’m ready to leave. Please help or inbox me so I can maybe tell you the whole story.

  171. I would love prayer to meet the man God has for me. I have been alone for 10 years now and I’m beginning to get discouraged because it’s hard to be a Christian and be single in this world. Your ministry has made such a difference in my life, you are a true blessing Sheila. Thank you so much for your genuine encouragement and love for those you minister to. I tell everyone about your website and your ministry, thank you so much!!!

  172. My daughter Gayle is going on a plane (first time on a plane) to Chicago where she will meet a friend & continue on to Wisconsin. Please pray for her safety & well being! God bless you! Thank you!

  173. I need a breakthrough in my life especially regarding financial provision. I’m behind in my bills and I need help. Thank you.

  174. I’m requesting prayer for my family that is going through a time of transition. I pray especially for a rebellious teenager.

  175. I’m asking for prayer for a very dear friend of mine. He needs God in his daily life. He has a great heart but this world pulls him in the wrong direction at times. It leads to bad choices and bad decisions which leads to heart ache and pain. Please pray that God will intervene show him the way. Just allow his eyes and heart to be opened HIS guidance. Amen

  176. I would like to join the Song of Songs study next week but I have never been able to read it due to my past traumatic history. It has always made me angry, upset and confused reading this area of the bible. Asking for prayers for victory over whatever is making this part of Gods Word so strongly negative and emotional for me.
    Thank you!

    • Praying for victory for you, that God will reveal and walk you through this emotional area in your life.

    • God used this beautiful book to help me see myself as He sees me and to re-write my life’s experience of love. I believe God will give you a spirit of revelation regarding this book as you commit to this study and you will be overwhelmed at His love for you and His ability to use these scriptures to erase pain and shame and encourage you that from the beginning of your life He has longed for the day when you understand and embrace His calling for you to be His bride. His love for you is beyond anything you have ever imagined.

    • Bless you Jenn for sharing. I can hear the pain in your words. Just know that God knows & Holy Spirit is so gentle. I have had trouble with knowing God’s love due to dad issues….so I pray that we both are given supernatural grace to receive healing! 🙂

  177. Please pray for my son Mark and husband to give their hearts to the Lord and refrain from all drugs. Pray for my healing my anxiety,fear and panic disorders.I am suffering with severe menopausal symptoms. My two sons Mark and Matthew also suffer from depression,fear,anxiety and panic disorders. Pray for my sons to be more road conscious when they drive. Matthew has grown closer to the Lord, just last week he has had an accident(knocked pedestrian due to pedestrian’s negligence). The pedestrian Denzel is in critical condition in hospital-pray for him. Pray for peace in our lives and home.

    Pray for husban to be responsible,loving and caring and to serve the Lord and be an example to my family.

    God Bless

    • Father God, I lift Anushas prayers up to You. Lord You are the only that can change her husband and son’s hearts. Turn their heart upon You Lord, open their eyes to see You are the way and the truth. God bless Anusha for her hearts cry, You know each one of them Lord, for You created them in Your image. I also life this person up to You that was hit, I ask for Your breath of life to be poured in him and upon him. God bless them with Your healing touch. In Jesus name I pray, Amen

  178. Angela Restucci says:


  179. Please pray for my granddaughter. She is 28 months old and has just been diagnosed with precocious puberty. The doctor has prescribed hormones by shot for her every three months for the next 10 years. I believe God can heal her and put her hormones in the right order and balance themselves. It seems to be very rare for such a young child to have this. If nothing is done, she will continue in early puberty right away. She is already showing signs at this young age. I’m asking God to touch her and heal her and put her body in order, could you agree in this prayer with me? No good thing will He withhold to those who love Him. We are crying out to Him on her behalf. We’re only sharing with trusted friends that will truly pray. Thank you for making yourself available to agree in prayer for all of us. Sincerely and gratefully, cindy

    • Father God, I lift Cindy’s granddaughter up to You. Father You know everything about her, You knew her before her mothers womb. We know with all our hearts she is beautiful made, and in Your image. Father we speak to her hormone levels and command them to come into order in the name of Jesus Christ. We praise You Father for Your healing hands being upon her. We give You all the glory and honor. Amen

  180. Please Pray
    I need Gods help. I need Him to intervene and
    I need Him to hang onto me, because I feel like I can’t hang on I’m tired

    • Dear Anne
      There are many words I could share with you, but at the moment, I feel you just need to be told your loved. The Father adores you, your the apple of His eye. No matter what your going through, He is your strength. He will never leave you, nor forsake you. You are His daughter, He loves you so much that during this time in your life, He is carrying you. Sometimes we feel so alone and life has hit us so hard, we cannot stand. But the Lord showed me after my daughter ran away, then my mom died, my mother in law died and grandma in a matter of 3 months. That I could not stand anymore, but He had His arms wrapped around me and was holding me up. So I give that to you, with my love also. Your my sister in Christ and if you need to talk, email me. God bless you

    • Hi Anna, please email if u need to talk. God lovesssss u so much. U r not alone. He will never leave nor forsake u.

  181. Dear Prayer Family, please pray for a friend of mine Margaret she has just been diagnosed with Cancer and her husband is also suffering with an illness they are not sure what it is.Pray for strength for their children who are taking care of them as this has just happened suddenly.I also ask that you pray for her sister who had several strokes a few years ago and is now much better due to the Love of her sister Margaret’s constant care and presence over the last four years.Please pray that God will give her strength,encouragement and a hopeful heart. Heavenly Father bring comfort and strength to all involved as I am praying for total healing for her and her husband.Father we ask that You give the Doctors wisdom that are taking care of them and guidance for all healthcare workers involved. I ask that you pour your love out to this family bring unity and restoration to all family members. In Jesus Name Amen

    • Prayer Family Thank you for praying for Margaret as she now walks the streets of Gold with her Heavenly Father and suffers no more. Please pray for the love ones left behind.Thank You!

  182. I could really use some prayers for the restoration of my marriage. I truly love my husband. He is in a batty with satan and he can’t win the battle. He is not a christin and he is running from God. I need prayers that he can break this hold from satan and start to live a Christ centered life. I know and I truly believe that God intends for us to be together for eternity. We’ve been married for 13 years and we’ve had a lot of struggles dealing with affairs, addictions, mental and emotional abuse, and so many more. But we’ve fought through all the hardships for the reason of God. I know that God only gives us what he knows we’re capable of. But I am so weak and weary. I’m so tired of trying and for fighting for my marriage. I just know that I can’t give up because then I’m allowing the devil to win. So could you please lift me up in prayer for strength and for direction. I know that it’s gods will and his way and I know his timing is the perfect timing and that it will happen. I just want to feel love with my husband I want to be his 2nd priority instead of always being his last. I want the affairs to stop. I want him to stop blaming me for everything. I want him to lift me up instead of bringing me down. I what financial support. I want him to have a relationship with his son. I what him mostly to find God. Because in order for him to be the man that he needs to be and will be is through Christ.
    God I am laying my burdens at the foot of the cross I am allowing you to use your will and way to influence our marriage. All things are possible with you God.
    Thank you for anyone that prays for us

    • Praying for you!

    • Hi, my name is Carol. I don’t know you and you don’t know me. I have faced some of the things you have. I am 78yrs.young and have been a Christian for 38yrs. please do not ever give up. GOD sees your hearts desire. Its going to take you praying for his salvation every day. Don’t push him or even preach to him. you pray and GOD will do the rest. Have other people praying also.yes, I too used to get weary and wanted to give up because I even had to pray for our 6 children and grandchildren and now there are 5 greatgrandchildren. It is my job as a christian to pray for all my loved ones.and it is your job to pray for all your loved ones. I am so glad that I didn’t give up. My husband was going to the bar 7 days a week but slowly but surely God delivered him from alcohol. All my loved ones know I am a Christian and would not turn away from GOD for anything. You know your are the Spiritual women and your husband is the natural man and the natural does not receive from the spiritual so just pray and ask GOD to help you to be the wife and friend and if you have children the mother He wants you to be. Ask GOD to help you in any area you need help in to be the Christian He wants youto be. He loves your husband. Just sit back and watch GOD go yo work on your behalf. Pray for whoever he is having an affair with they also need their salvation.Well GOD Bless and just surrender your flesh to GOD and let him fill you with HIS LOVE for your husband. Carol

      • Thank you so much Carol. You are exactly what I needed. I’m so thankful that your prayers were answered. God is so good all the time. I have been praying for his salvation and I don’t preach it to him. I try to sit back and watch God work but sometimes it’s so hard. I’ve been praying for myself also to show me what’s wrong with me and how to change it. I know that I haven’t always been the best wife and I want to be a better person and inspiration for my husband and our son. I will not give up I’m standing still and allowing God to work a miracle in our lives.
        I hadn’t been praying for the woman didn’t really see that side of the situation but you opened my eyes. Thank you so much you’ve been inspiration to me and how God can work miracles.

    • Please pŕay that this stuff will stick with mè throughout the course & beyond!!!

  183. Lord please redeem this situation. Turn our hearts towards you. I pray for reconciliation, you set the lonely in families, I pray you would restore and make whole my family. Lord convict our hearts, heal our hearts, give me the strength to fight for my family. I pray against the enemy and his lies and temptations of this world. Lord I cry out to you, hear my cry. Lord give me wisdom. I pray that he would come home, bring your prodigal home Lord, chase after us, thorn us in and lead us into the desert, make our door of trouble a door of hope, restore to us the years the locust have eaten. I pray through the restoration of this relationship that it will be a testament of your redemption, healing, power and love.

  184. Please continue to pray for my marriage and finances. The Lord has continued to miraculously make my ends meet without the “right amount” of income. My husband hasn’t contacted me or reached out to me in any way; he has transferred about 1/3 of the money needed for our household expenses. He has a REALLY well paid position; please pray that he not only prioritizes our household finances, but that he also gives our marriage another chance. I’m tired and weary; I’ve been praying and standing in the gap for my husband and our marriage for nearly 5 years. I’m in church leadership and I can’t really reach out for prayer very often, but I really do need prayer of agreement. Thank you so much! Blessings and peace.

  185. Roxi Mortimer says:

    I have been praying for all of my children to turn thier lives back to Jesus, especially my youngest daughter who has gotten involved in the Mormon Church , mainly to gain approval from her mother in law. They have a 4 year old daughter, the rest of my children have families of thier own, there is no Jesus in thier homes, or lives.

  186. I have been praying for my son Ryan to turn his life back to the Lord , and for a Christian wife for him. All of his friends are married or engaged, and I can see he is depressed over this. Please pray for him.

  187. Plz pray for my healing in anger, financial and my auto to run!

    • Dear HEAVENLY FATHER your Word says My God will meet all your needs.He will meet them in keeping with his wonderful riches.These riches come to you because you belong to Jesus Dana!(Philippians 4:19 NIRV) Our Lord the God of all the universe gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak. Hope in the Lord and he will renew your strength. Provide Dana with safe transportation and bless her finances.Father fill her life with encouraging, loving,helpful, people who will surround her with love and joy so there is no room for anger or bitterness to reside in her heart.In Jesus name we pray AMEN!

  188. Please pray for the Lord to free me from an addiction 🙁

  189. Hi, please pray for me, my sanity, peace, that I may forgive and trust the Lord in my marriage.
    Thank you!!

  190. Barbara Olson says:

    Dear Shiela, I have such a praise report which I will share later. However I have a prayer request for my daughter Emily, for today. She is going to court. Please pray for God’s favor in this situation, that everything that has been taken from her will be restored with no ongoing problems. For peace and comfort for her and her family.
    Thank you,
    Thank you Shiela for your prayers, they always come at the right time.

  191. Shirley Imholte says:

    Please pray for my son inlaw he is having surgery on Friday September 4th.
    Thank you.

  192. Good morning all,

    I’m desperately seeking for God’s Heart (clear directions) & Hands, for the restoration of my marriage. Apart from the fact that my wife has been terribly hurt by (church) people and turned her back to God, I discovered some 6 months ago that she’s been having an affair.

    This has stopped when it came to the light. We’re still living together and I’m taking care of our 2 kids, but we’re not really working out our problems.

    As we have different vision on how to resolve this crises. She is not willing to talk about it with anybody else then me or seek counsel. No real repentance or willingness to reconcile. She just wants to go on with her current life and combine that with trying to find some time to work on our relationship.

    We also came to reallise that we got 2 totally different goals and visions for our lifes.

    She’s going after a lifestyle of fitness & sports, to fill her emptiness.
    And being a semi-professional fitness coach, she’s away from home 5 out of 7 nights a week,
    while combining that with her full time job. Leaving hardly any time for the family.
    Although God already showed me plenty of things to pray/ break in her life,
    I’m coming to the end of my ability to go on with this life. I have no church to seek counsel or advise.
    I long to see her turn back to God, so we can really reconcile and start to rebuild a God founded family.

    • Barbara Olson says:

      Praying for you, Cover her and your family with the Blood of Jesus everyday all day. Keep your eyes on Jesus. Ask God to Bless her. You need to find a good church, not just for yourself but for your children. You need a Christian counselor. Even if you go alone.
      Every time your wife comes to mind, ask God to bless her and cover her with the Blood of Jesus.
      Love Barb

  193. We owe the bank 5000.00 thousand dollars and we are in financial difficulties since June. Someone owes me 10,000.00 dollars if only that person would pay me we be okay but he say he never has too pay me. So I’m praying that God puts it in his heart to send me my money and we be okay. My boyfriend Jordan should be home soon I pray he comes home we been having problems cause I’m the cause let God change my ways so it be better understanding between us. Thank you I pray in Jesus name. Amenj

  194. I lost $1362 monthly income, that’s more than half of what I was making. I’m scared of how I’m going to make. I’m believing for supernatural increase in my finances. I tithe & give offerings.

    My ex owes me $35,000 & refused to pay even being court ordered several times. I pray that he starts to make $2000 monthly payments.

  195. For almost a year now, I have been pressed by the Holy Spirit to pray for a young Indian man, his name is Kunal and he is a medical student. His shown himself to be full of prejudice and very arrogant. This was a hard task to undertake because the more I prayed, the more impossible the task seemed. Nevertheless, the Holy Spirit would not let me give up praying for him to receive the precious gift of salvation through Jesus Christ. I am praying that our Heavenly Father will humble him and replace his stony heart with a heart of flesh. I will admit that I have become discouraged in prayer and I need fellow believers to join me in prayer. Please allow the Holy Spirit to reveal to you the manner in which you should pray. Nevertheless, I am praying that God will touch his life through some supernatural life challenging experience that will cause him to forever be humbled, broken, and reborn again. Many Thanks.

  196. I cry out in prayer for my wonderful daughter who is suffering from a broken heart. She starts nursing school in 2 weeks and was blindsided with a break up of her 1 1/2 year relationship. She spends many days depressed and tearful. We have to push her to eat and go out of the house. So many plans had been made with this boy and she is devastated, we are all devastated, he had become a part of our family.
    I pray for them both on what seems like an hourly basis. I just want her to have peace and understanding in this situation and understand that it’s God’s time and his ultimate plan. What will be, will be, but she just does not see this. Please pray with me for healing .

    • My daughter is also suffering from a broken heart. I know what you mean about praying “for them both on what seems like an hourly basis.” Lord, please give our daughters peace and clarity in this situation. May they trust in Your timing and in Your ultimate plan for their lives. And comfort us family members, Lord, who are also grieving the loss of these young men in our lives. May Your hand be upon them too. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

  197. Dear Sheila

    Thank you for your prayers and support. Thanks be to God there is an improvement with my son.

    Please continue praying for my son to stayaway from drugs, that every hinderance from his path be removed that his keeping him from leading a godly life and finding a job. Pray for me diffculty in handling menopause symptoms, discomfort on left handside of chest. Pray for spouse and younger son.

    God Bless

  198. I feel like I am falling apart, I am shaking inside and overwhelming anxiety. My heart is so broken, there are days I feel I cannot go on. I’m on my face seeking the Lord, always talking to Him. But at the same time I feel so alone. Lost my mom, mother in law and grandma the past 6 months. My daughter ran away a year ago. I have not recovered from that. I know His word says, He will not give us anymore than we can handle. But I am so broken, I can’t stop crying, palpitations, we just moved to this new area and I have no one to talk with. Its just my husband and I and he is so lost in his own pain, that we cannot help one another. Thank you Sheila for sharing all your beautiful prayers, I do read them and cry out to the Lord. For I love Him so much, I just want to have all the heartache to stop. God bless you.

    • May God make His presence known to you each day, may you be aware of His wings wrapped around you and may He lead you forward from this season. Holy Spirit please comfort my sister in Christ and encourage her and her husband. In our brother Jesus’s name… Amen.

    • Linda,my prayers are with you in this trying time.Dear Heavenly Father comfort Linda and her husband Lord bring their daughter home safely and help them to heal from all their losses.Holy Spirit we ask that you comfort them,encourage them,and fill them with Love so they can help and encourage each other. Restore their hope and fill them with Joy in Jesus Name Amen!

      • Caroline says:

        I have been in that awful place and trust me that The Lord brought me out of it, not in an instant, it was and is an ongoing process.

  199. Norma black says:

    Please pray for me to let go of the past. Meaning the past of people that have hurt me. From my ex to my best friend, relatives and others. I have forgiving them but somehow I get flashbacks and the hurt comes back. To the point I can’t breathe. I need to let go so I can be happy. The betrayal, the meanest and so much more. I think I am fine and then nightmares comes back. Then I get angry and of course I don’t tell this people since I distance myself of them. My way is to walk away and never look back well I can’t do that with some people. So please pray that now that I have forgiving them for the 10th time for me to let go and the knot in my heart is gone. My Heavenly Father has forgiving me of any sin. So I need to let this go and breathe again. Thank you for praying

    • Praying for you Norma, I to have been struggling with this very same area. I dont like feeling like this,praying that God will reveal the root of this problem to myself and also to you.Dear Heavenly Father we come to you to ask that the Holy Spirit reveal the root of this problem to us.Your Word says to ask and you shall receive So In the Name of Jesus we thank you for answering our prayer Amen!

      • Norma black says:

        Bev thank you. I have being reading this book and it revealed to me that I live in the playground. Meaning I relieve those bad moments that people have hurt me. I understand now that I need to not revisit the playground of my mind and start quoting bible verses every time my mind wants to go there. our father does not want us to go there is the enemy that does so I need to let go and don’t go back to relive those moments were people have hurt me. I can’t change the past but I can change how I view my past and let go

        Praying that you will be able to do so as well.

      • Norma Thank you for praying for me it fills my heart with joy knowing you took the time to give me this information. I will use this when my stinking thinking comes up.God Bless You Norma and may our days and thinking be filled with the Joy!

  200. Please pray for my seventeen year old daughter. She is struggling with a drug addiction. I am learning a lot about trusting in God’s plan. But I am tired of the lies and I really want her to have a good life.

    • I have a 17 year old. It’s beyond me how we all survive not having a frontal lobe – when cause and effect are gone at the very moment that hormones and independence surges. The pain of having your child walk these steps with an additional struggle can be just about too much to bear. My prayers are for light, life, truth, mercy, strength, and self control so you and she may have hope, grow in faith and love. God be with you both.

  201. Monica Marte says:

    Please pray for me and my family. Every horrible divisive attack and personal sin has hit us and God has brought me to a place where I have to accept His love and help and recognize He is my source. Deliverance from the pain and shame of divorce , addictions , betrayal , rejection and despair, along with financial devastation, has come in waves. Days of true love from God have washed m heart.

    Recently I resigned my job to help a family member in another state deal with cancer but one of my three sons had come to me broken and confessing his need for help with an addiction. Praise God he agreed to help and found support and a program with men who are standing with him. This is his second month drug/alcohol free!!! I need help and prayer as my plans were totally demolished and now I am homeless and without a job.

    I have another situation with my daughter here ( ex husband has controlled our love and used her against me ) that prevents me from leaving to be with my family. I need prayer for the loneliness I feel over the loss of my family and the right job so I can work on those relationships. I have worked long and hard my whole life to numb the pain of brokenness, divorce and rejection and now I see God wants me to face my own workaholic drug. I am short on money so work is a need. I have a good degree but I need that right job to help me restore my relationship with my daughter and three sons.

    I has prayed for restoration with my ex husband since before the divorce, which all climaxed four years ago. He has totally blamed me for his sins and my own stupidity and promised to get revenge. He lost his role as pastor and Chaplain due to his sins and me not covering them up. The root has been greed and bitterness. I was always hurt because he made me work to support us and he never was satisfied with what we had made. We can’t serve money and God. He told me if he couldn’t keep his job , he would make sure I can’t have my family. He has kept his word. His hatred toward me and the revenge is fierce and there is no winning. He is plannig to marry in a couple weeks and writes and tells me what a better woman she is and how I will never get over my pain. It is so painful and dehumanizing but I have begun to believe God can do the impossible in my life.

    Thank you and please know your love is needed.

    • Kirsten says:

      Your prayer and message touched my heart. God aches for what aches you. He truly grieves alongside you. Not one tear of yours has been lost, not one breath without Him, not one moment has been alone or abandoned.

      You will walk forward, at His pace, in His time. Yes, divorce and the devastating wake of it can make healing slower. But do not accept shame, do not accept what if scenarios, do not accept a man’s words over Our Father’s Word. You actually are loved with an everlasting Love. 🙂 And I’m here to tell you that love, God’s love will never be taken, manipulated, twisted or removed.

      For this season, make that uneven trade…trade human words for His Word, grief for grace, and frustration for hope.

      May He show you today and every day that tender care He promises and the peace that surpasses all understanding. May He grant you wisdom and discernment along with understanding and application of His truth.

      with love,

      Your sister in Christ 🙂

  202. I recently celebrated my 60th birthday. Never married (would love to be married); due to wrong financial choices I have had to start over again i.e. employment and problems finding accommodation. Am tired of moving from place to place every year or two. I pray for direction regarding accommodation; financial breakthrough and a life partner in the name of Jesus.

    • Kirsten says:

      Father, Be with Pamela, so very close to her as she makes decisions so that every step is on Your path. And Father, she is asking for the man You have for her…please quickly answer her prayer. Amen.

  203. I need a miracle regarding my job hunting. Bless you and thank you

  204. Amen empty nester looking for direction at this season in my life new church new friends new involvement

  205. I am set to have surgery next week. I have come down with a cough that could prevent surgery. Ask our Father to heal me. Also, my wonderful husband has looked for work for several years. It has been overwhelming and so stressful for all of us.
    Thank you so very much-

  206. Robertsine says:

    Please lift up my family in pray protection for , children ,adult children ages 25 22 16 13 8 ,single mother also financial needs, broken relationship, please pray my father healing joints !bone, hands ,family salvation! Thank you much for praying!

  207. Anusha Moodley says:

    My 23 yr old son is in bondage to drugs, he does not want to work or study, Steals money to buy drugs this is going on for 3 years. My body, especially upper body is full of pain daily, especially chest areas. Days that I am filled with anxiety and fear and still have to go to work to support family and go home do family chores. At times cannot cope with pain, just feel like leaving my job. Pray for younger son who is currently study, guidance and a closer walk with God. Spouse has fallen back in his relationship with the Lord. No peace at home and in our lives. Pray for Aunt’s transfer of home to go through.

    Also pray for spouse’s business.

    God Bless

  208. Lyly Lobo says:

    Dear Sheila and everybody,Please pray for my nephew Isaiah he is 6, he keeps getting a weird rash, all over his body that seems to be brought on by heat, tonight he was sitting on the couch watching a movie and he said my neck is really hot, then he was hot all over and the rash came on, put him in a cold shower, and had him sit in front of a fan and its finally going away. We have taken them to doctors they don’t know what it is, we are taking him to allergy doc on Thurs hopefully they find out what this is, we don’t want him taking allergy medicine all the time which he has been since this started last November. Please pray for him. Thank you

  209. Darlene Burch says:

    Praise Report♡♡♡ I have made it to CA, baby is due at any moment. So thankful for the opportunity to serve this family. Praise God for His supplying all my needs.

  210. Please pray the three stranded prayer for my marriage and finances. My husband had affairs while he was deployed and even filed for a divorce at one point, which was later dismissed. He just moved out from our home to a town 700 miles away to take a great job. I work as the only person in our church office and they haven’t been able to pay me for the 3 years I’ve worked there. Please pray my husband reconciles with me; I’ve forgiven him of his infidelities. Also please pray for finances, he hasn’t given much to support our home / household and I would like to refinance to save a lot of money each month.

  211. I also would appreciate prayers for my marriage, my husband has had an emotional affair with his office person he had prostrate cancer and it removed or may of become a physical affair, no matter it was him being unfaithful to the Lord and our marriage. She still works there. my husband says just being a good ol boy never was going to meet or anything don’t see the problem. We are still together, we go to church reg. And pray together each morning.but(I want to see these actions be fruitful, not just going through the motions)we both are born again but for whatever reason the Lord seen to allow this. He has given us ALL power to stop every assignment of the devil. I thank God for his faithfulness. I still would appreciate agreement that as God restores to completion and our marriage becomes exceeding abundantly above all i could ask or think. That ALL assignments of the devil be canceled and any lingering thoughts of unfaithfulness be stopped now and never again will they be acted upon. My husband totally repent and return to the foot of the cross and serve him . Lord I plead the precious blood of Jesus over our marriage and place a hedge of protection around us and father I thank you NO weapon formed against us will prosper in Jesus name, As for me and my house we WILL serve the Lord!
    My husband has been in law enforcement since 1968 he will retire in 1 week. I also would appreciate a covering of prayer for us as we make this transition in our lifes,may it only be used for bringing us closer not pulling us apart and we be all God has called us to be for his Glory..

  212. karen kendrick says:

    hello..thank you for receiving my prayer daughter, Angell is dealing with a jezebel spirit (look up jezebel spirit-bible on the internet to explain) it is operating through a new boss that came to her workplace. who she works directly under. she is being harrassed constantly by this woman, who is divisive a liar, underhanded, crafty, and seems to hate christians. everyone there supports my daughter, but the director is having a hard time getting rid of this woman, as the boss over her is in another city, and not seeing this womans actions..,please pray that God will remove her from my daughters workplace
    and that those in authority will habe their eyes opened..thank you so much for listening..,karen

  213. For God so Loved the world he gave his only begotten son Jesus to die for our sons and be redirected on the 3rd day as our great promise that we have Victory over the grave. Satan, and Sin!! HALELUJAH! Glory to God…I stand grounded on the rock of SALVATION, grounded through the Blood of the Lamb. I am a Child of God of the most high God..I am a sealed, marked, filled over flowing with the blood of the Lamb and Holy Spirit …OVERFLOWING..desiring or more of all God has for my Life..I surrender, humbly OBEDIENT to his every call..laying my Life for his will for my Life..I DESIRE to bring many to GODS KINGDOM, willingly with open arms saying..Have your way Lord with my Life..For I was bought with a purpose..SET ME ON FIRE WITH YOUR Glory, strong anointing over in my life in Jesus n a me..I already know I will never want for anything because you are my provider, my strength, my encouraged, my First Love, ..I wait patiently for your return…Clean this body and Make me new, for my Jesus Holy name..Bless all those who read this, BLESS their families, BLESS their walk and drawer them closer as you transform their lives..SET their hearts ablaze for you and your Jesus name..Amen and Amen


  214. Anokwu Temi Michelle says:

    Dear family of the power of the three stranded prayer,I need prayers and petitions on behalf of my husband ,he giot into some sort of mess in his work and he arrested and charged to court, his jobs was terminated and it has been difficult to live it has been Gods mercies that has kept us toss far, am believing Gd for the court case to be closed and my husband delivered from prison cos its only God’s love that can save him.we need financial breakthrough, we need a change of position and open heavens,we are tired of our present location and have been praying to move but we don’t just want to move without divine direction please pray for us we need the fathers help.thank for your love

  215. Dear sisters and brothers in Christ, I am in need of prayer warriors to petition our Lord on behalf of my husband and myself. I am in misery due to my husband’s adulterous affair with my once closest friend. My husband who was just asked to step down as pastor, is unrepentant and wants to leave me and my children, without even trying counceling. He has turned his back on our family and the pain is overwhelming. I’ve begged and pleaded and prayed continuasly. I cry and can’t seem to find peace, it feels as if my very soul tries to escape out of my body. I ask for prayer that God will intervene and break whatever hold Satan has on my husband and that our marriage will be better than before, that we can be used as an example of restoration through Christ. We’ve been married 16 years but have been together 21…since we were teenagers. My heart is broken and my children and myself feel abandoned. Please pray on our behalf. I believe in the power of prayer. I thank you so much. God bless

    • I thank God for the opportunity to pray for you. Had I not experienced the exact same thing (the enemy has no new tricks), I would not know how. It is working together for our good. Gof is faithful.

  216. Please pray for my family. I am a single mom with two kids, my ex and I split up years ago but we are close although he will never commit to coming back to us and being a family. Please pray for God to redeem our situation however he sees fit. Pray for our hearts to be healed and that God would give us his forgiveness for each other. Pray for wisdom and discernment and protection of our hearts and that no weapon formed against us would prosper. Pray that God would make all things new, that he would make streams in the wasteland and restore to us the years the locust have eaten. Pray that we would seek his will and surrender our lives and our desires to Him. Thank you!

  217. Detra Knapp says:

    Dear Princess Warriors,

    There has been some kind of stronghold over advancement with getting our home completed. I truly believe, this is where we are suppose to reside. For four years, our finances gets stollen, spiritually speaking, where something comes up, and we are unable to get out septic tank. There’s a reason for all things, and like Job, God allows things to take place. Once we get this task completed, we move on, with rest of the completion of our home. I fight the negative thoughts daily, and I do my best to hand it over to the Father, our Provider, Jahoviah Jirah. With God I have overcome so much over the last year. We tried to get a loan, and was denied. I am house wife, is homeschool my 8 year old son, and I’m very active in our church. It’s not by works, or thinks that make me look righteous before my Father, but it’s my heart! I senecerly pray, that my hearts motives, are for Him, and what isn’t, gets removed, by the power of His redeeming blood over my life. Please pray and agree with me, that a suddenly in financial provision or even in means of a gift will come to my family, and this struggle will be over with. In Jesus mighty and precious name I pray. Where any two or three gather together and tough in agreement on a matter so it shall be in Jesus name! Ask, seek and knock. And yes and amen, are the promises of our Father. And the will of the Father is not to live a poverty life, but a rich and abundance life, both spiritual and physical, in Jesus name! Amen!

    • Darlene Burch says:

      I pray for God to show up big and meet your every need. His Word tells us that He will supply our need according to His riches and have glory in Christ Jesus. We know that through the Blood of Christ, every victory has already been won. So we stand and wait as God delivers your victory, and all for His glory. Priases to God as we touch and agree for your victory in this situation.

    • Amen!

  218. Kirsten says:

    An update regarding our prayer request about the paperwork issues and the blocks on our forward movement. During one meeting today, an official bluntly stated, “We need God to handle this situation, so, we need to pray. This is a complicated situation, so we ask for God.”

    So Cool!!!! 🙂

    So we do.

    We pray His Kingdom come, His will be done here on earth as it is in heaven.

    We pray wisdom and understanding and courage for those in authority here on earth…the ones whose hands can move to help us. We pray thanks and praise for His presence in our meetings and His moving that official to speak bold truth.

    We wait for a sublime and abundantly blessed outcome to these circumstances.

    We pray for healing for my child and in the meantime, relief from her symptoms.

    Thank you to each of you who encouraged us by His Word and who raised our situation to Him. I was speechless. Humbled. and had no words to say beyond raising thanks to God for you.

    Know that your encouragement and the obvious passion you showed for His Word made a very real difference for us this past week. He worked through those words and we thank you for reminding us of what He says.

    • Sheila Mangum says:

      It is our honor to pray for you and your family Kirsten and our reward is watching the King of Kings move heaven and earth on your behalf! Second Chronicles 20:6 “O Lord, God of our fathers, are you not God in heaven? You rule over all the kingdoms of the nations. In your hand are power and might, so that none is able to withstand you.”

      • Jennifer says:

        Amen and amen! Lord, blow wide open the doors this family needs to get all issues resolved and hindrances removed as only you can! Thank you, Abba!!!

    • Darlene Burch says:

      Praise God from whom all blessings flow, I stand with you and wait in expectation as God works wonders and miracles we cannot fathom, all because He loves us.
      In the Mighty Name of Jesus,

    • Charlotte says:

      Faithful Father,
      We thank and praise You for all that You are and do for us! We are so very grateful that:
      I AM THAT I AM is causing all things to work together for good for you and your family.
      I AM THAT I AM always causes you to triumph through Christ Jesus.
      I AM THAT I AM desires that you might be filled with the knowledge of His will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding.
      I AM THAT I AM goes before you and is your rear guard.
      Behold, what manner of love the Father has bestowed upon us, that we should be called the children of God…Beloved, now are we the children of God, and it does not yet appear what we shall be: but we KNOW that, when He shall appear, we shall be like Him; for we shall see Him as He is! For whatsoever is born of God overcometh the world: and this is the victory that overcometh the world, even our faith. And this is the confidence that we have in Him, that, if we ask any thing according to His will, He heareth us; And if we KNOW that He hear us, we have whatsoever we ask, we KNOW that we HAVE the petitions that we desired of Him.
      We believe therefore we speak His Word over our lives.
      In Jesus’ Name

  219. Bonnie Nelson says:

    Father….I am desirous of Your touch…my flame is burning low. The physical pain in my hips & legs is so distractibg. I need amazing grace to wait for my healing to manifest. Help me Jesus!!!!

  220. Please pray for our daughter, we were sitting in church on Sunday and received a message from a concerned friend that she was doing spice. We left church and went to talk to her. ..she denied it and said she had stopped. .but we got the police involved because of our concern with our 9 mo granddaughter. Now she is ignoring us and not sure when we will see our granddaughter again. Our relationship has been strained for a couple years now when she first ran away. She doesn’t have a job and we are just really concerned about our granddaughter right now and worried about our daughter as well. ..don’t know what to do!

    • Kirsten says:

      While you wait may the peace that passes all understanding fill your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus. May He give your daughter courage to take the step toward Him and toward you.

  221. Stephanie says:

    Please pray for my friend’s daughter Bella. She is 9 years old. Her leukemia has relapsed and she is in desperate need of a bone marrow transplant. Today I heard that her chemo has stopped working and because of that they cannot give her a transplant. I am asking you to please pray that Jesus performs a miracle and heals her fully and takes her cancer away. I am praying that He will find a match for a transplant and they can perform it successfully. Please Jesus heal this sweet girl. Jesus please comfort her mother Vanessa, and Bella’s sisters and entire family.

    In Jesus’ name,

  222. Baphumlile says:

    He said in His word: Seek my face. I long for Him, I sometimes feel as if He is carrying me but I feel that I am not worthy of it all. Please Lord save me from me and use me for Your own good. I remain in You for all the days of my life, guard my heart and dominate my thought and bless me with the life that pleases You. Please take me to the King in prayer, Amen.

    • Barbara says:

      We are made worthy by the blood of our Savior. Father, thank you for Jesus and his sacrifice for our sins and for our salvation. Thank you that you will guard Baphumlile’s heart and mind through Christ Jesus! Father guide her so that her life will glorify you and reflect Jesus. In His name, amen.

    • Bonnie Nelson says:

      Hi! I was drawn to your prayer because mine is very similar. So Father, as Your daughters we look to YOU for comfort, healing and direction. We believe that “He who began a good work in you will be faithful to complete it!” Help us to love ourselves so we can love You and others the way we want to. I ask all these things in the name of our Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ!!

  223. Please pray for me as I have a very difficult lady in my life who I have to deal with daily. I am very discouraged with her evil behavior.

    • Sheila Mangum says:


      I pray RaeLeen’s light shines! May Your character and wisdom wrap around RaeLeen’s heart as she deals with people who need to know you! Give her Your peace, protection, and defense daily!

      In the mighty Name of Jesus we pray!
      In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven. (Matthew 5:16)

  224. Praise Report: Last week in church, our Pastor opened with a prayer of full body healing I knew was from God and the Spirit moved me to pray this prayer for myself and think of my whole body although I also thought to myself that I was well. The next day I started with the symptoms of Lyme – joint paint, severe at times, fatigue, lead-weight legs, headache, nausea, stiff neck. Then I heard. Joyce Meyer healing program, I told a FB friend that I may have Lyme and he prayed for me and sent me an audio compilation of healing prayers. I posted to him, “The Light of the Kingdom Shines far.” Then all of a sudden it dawned on me that even before I knew I was ill, that The Lord had already Spoken healing into my situation! If He spoke it into existence then it exists! So every time I felt the pain I said, “Thank You Father for healing me, I stood in agreement with you at church, two others stand in agreement, I accept Your healing.” My symptoms began to disappear and I am feeling still better. This prayer came to me yesterday, “Then your light will break out like the dawn; And your recovery will speedily spring forth; And your righteousness will go before you; The glory of The Lord will be your rear guard.” (Isaiah 58:8 nasb). Hallelujah! I get it!!

  225. rochelle says:

    I am walking through the journey of healing from my past childhood wounds, especially the mother wound. It runs deep. I am feeling the pain of not having a mother’s love. She is 92 and is not going to change. Behind my back she disowned me when I was 45 and there was much abuse before that. I forgive her but the pain is in my heart. I now am left to care for her as everyone who she had turned against me has abandoned her. She will never say she’s sorry nor acknowledge that she did anything wrong. It is hard to care for someone who has hurt and betrayed you so deeply. I need God’s strength to face each day with this deep unresolved grief inside me. I wait for my Papa’s healing. Thank you. Amen to all of your prayers.

    • Dear God, Please help Rochelle and heal her deep wounds as only You can. Amen

    • Baphumlile says:

      Sister, do it for the glory of God.

    • Sheila Mangum says:

      Wrap You love around Rochelle today! Let her know that Your love is ALL the love she needs to be healed of the wound she carries. The blood of Your Son healed her because of His enormous love forever love for her! (Isaiah 53:5)
      In the mighty Name of Jesus we pray!
      Though my father and mother forsake me, the LORD will receive me. (Psalm 27:10)

    • Barbara says:

      Praying for you, Rochelle. Love you, sister.

  226. I ask for prayer for my son and daughter. My son suffers from panic attacks, praying that God will deliver him from them. Praying for both of them for jobs that will financially support their needs to provide for their families. My daughter position with Human Resources, My son loves teaching children before they are in the Criminal System. I request prayer for myself, my husband and I have been married for 14 years, and for the last 3 years he has been having an affair. I have filed for divorce and I’m at peace with my decesion. Praying for victory in my divorce case that I will not lose my home, and that I will be provided for.

    • Darlene Burch says:

      Thelma, may the peace of God which surpasses all understanding hold and keep you. Know that you are fearfully and wonderfully made in His image for the plan and purpose He has for your life. God I pray that not one tear, one hurt, one pain be lost but all that has happen be used for your good work in Thelma’s life, becaue we know that there is joy in the morning.
      In the Mighty Name of Jesus

  227. Mary Cross says:

    Please pray for my son and ex husband, he needs to live with his dad in harmony! They are so much alike. My son is coming off drugs and I pray he will stay clean and grow up. Thank you listening


    • Barbara says:

      Father, we cry out to you from the depths of our hearts. Please reach down with your righteous right arm and remove Mary’s son from the pit of addiction. Draw him near to you God. Open his eyes to see you, open his ears to hear you and soften his heart to believe you. Heal him, O LORD, and he will be healed, save him and he will be saved, for you are the one we praise! Amen and Amen.

  228. Please pray for complete and miraculous healing of my dizziness and back pain and the restoration of good health. They have been with me for many years, but I know that with God, ALL things are possible. Please also pray that God and Jesus break the strongholds of fear, anxiety and worry that satan holds over me. Please ask God to fill my heart and mind with peace, joy, trust and hope. In the name of Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior, I pray. Amen.

    I need to give testimony that our family received a huge Blessing last week. Our daughter is an exceptional student and works harder than anyone I know. However, over the years, she has been overlooked and passed over for many recognitions and it hurt her. I offered up countless prayers on her behalf and they were answered. Not only was she chosen to speak at graduation, but she earned a recognition that was a complete surprise. More than I thought possible. It was a priceless reminder that God can and will do more than we even think to ask. I am so grateful and thankful. It also strengthened my belief that, although I have had some struggles for many years (they could be sooooo much worse), God hears my prayers. He WILL answer them. Praise God and Jesus!!

  229. Annette says:

    I ask for prayers for my daughter who is interviewing for vet school. She is newly married and has dreams for a family and I don’t know if the debt she will incur will be God’s will for their lives. She has wanted to be a vet all her life and has worked so hard for this. The cost is so very high though and the career salary does not justify the cost of the loans. Please pray that she and her husband will clearly hear God’s direction and that He will protect her from a wrong decision. Pray He will change the desire of her heart if this is not her path or make a way for her to achieve it. To Him who is able to do beyond all we could ask or imagine. Amen! Thank you!

  230. Vanita Moore says:

    I have been on bed rest since last Wednesday due to an injury to my hip; surgery is not required as it soft tissue injury. Please pray for pain relief and healing. I cannot sit, stand, or walk…very painful!

    Thank you!

  231. Please pray for peace in my heart for a broken relationship that I know is God’s will. I have prayed day and night for almost two years and have asked God to show me if this relationship is His will for me and each and EVERY time he has given me a Yes!! I know some say don’t test God but he has been faithful each time to answer me in a way that I could understand. The problem is this southern gentlemen has been led astray by others in his life that looked good for the moment, not seeking God’s will, and I know without a doubt it’s ALL going to explode with nothing left for himself.But what do you do but just keep praying that God will show him the way back. My heart is broken in a million pieces and I have shed more tears over this than anything in my life. Please pray for God to show Him the truth and that I am hearing and seeing what God wants me too know. Thank you all for your prayers. I can’t give up!!

  232. My daughter, Alyssa, is not walking with God. She knows better, but she has chosen to walk away from the Lord. Please pray for a total surrender.

    • rochelle says:

      I join you in prayer Jodi for your daughter and my son, Dave. Yes, they know better. They are God’s children and we must believe he has a plan and purpose for their lives. I pray our prodigals come home soon.

  233. Susanna says:

    Please pray for me and my family. My husband is an unbeliever and he puts me last his brother is an idol and for 36 years I have always come in third. I have three adult children and the abuse from him mentally and emotional to much. Now I have no love or so weary. It is a constant everyday thing. I suffer from stomach problems and anxiety. I have given up. My oldest daughter is 35 and has no love in her life and is worried. She wants God’s best. My son also is suffering from being way over weight and keeps everything inside from my situation. He wants to be the man of the house. My third child has gotten engaged and it is bitter sweet . She worries about this family. My children are believers, I all there life with me have seen suffering. Bless you Weary

  234. Dear Sisters, pls pray for me. I got married in 2010 but was sent out by the man and his parents in 2013 bcos they felt I was back luck to their son. Now I’ve met another man I’m in love with that has asked to marry me, but recently he has changed. He still has the fear of God but sleeps with a whole lot of different ladies virtually everyday. He even invites his other lady friends to see him in my presence without regards for me. Although he apologises afterwards but I’m hurt and can’t see a way forward with this kind of relationship. My prayer request is that GOD should bring to me my own husband that will love, care for, cherish and be faithful to me. I cry day and night. Am crying even now bcos I feel lonely. Pls sisters pray for me. Thank u

    • rochelle says:

      Tammie, I pray you find your value and worth in our Papa’s heart and that He brings you exactly what you need to heal your broken heart. Amen

    • Tammie
      As a nurse my recommendation is to seek professional Christian help from a licensed family counselor. There is obviously some deep seeded pain rooted in your history. The issues from your past just be dealt with by a professional who can walk you through the healing process. Also he with that you must first live yourself and know that you are worth Gods best! He is far from Gods best for you. If you marry him you will be in continued pain and neglect. Before you proceed into any relationship know that the Lord wants to heal you indeed. If you can, see wise counsel and professional help. Any man that cannot great you with dignity and respect doesn’t love you or deserve and doesn’t love himself. He is demonstrating exactly what he values – the flesh. In genesis, God set things in order. First he have Adam worship. Then he gave Adam work. Lastly He gave Adam woman. If a man doesn’t have a relationship with the Lord, and he doesn’t work then He doesn’t eeaerve woman! He is disrespectful and to connect with him will bring you into a darker place. Get help and get healed sister. One month one year from now you will be in a totally different place. And healing takes time. Don’t run into another relationship. You are not ready. Emotional and psychological abuse takes longer to heal than physical abuse. Get help and trust the Lord to provide for you the man He chooses!!!

  235. I have been crying here,night after night, the pain of rejection is deep. Hurt after hurt,rejection after rejection,I feel so ugly…….
    I had a beautiful desire in my heart,a dream which has now disappeared, I now desire something else which I am praying for but I told The Lord today,I no longer trust my dreams since all I meet is a wall and I get hurt and rejected. I want God to use me in a wonderful ministry, I have been praying to be married to a pastor/chaplain with whom I can support as his help mate and as his prayer partner. My heart cries as I want,in fact I know I need intimacy with God I desire to know God’s will,hear His voice,I desire to commune with God…..and He will lead me …….

  236. Jennifer says:

    I would love prayers for a dear friend who has been recently told they will be laid off. I pray that the Lord will lead them to where He wants them, and open wide a door of opportunity for work. Our friend has also been divorced for three years now and heart has been heavy recently over being alone. They have been faithfully looking for God to lead them to a future spouse, but the waiting sometimes seems long. Thank you for your prayers that God will make His will known in these areas and He will continue to grant hope and encouragement to our friend in the waiting. Bless you! So thankful for you and your prayers, Sheila!!!

  237. You everyone please lift me up in prayer. I’ve been severely depressed with martial issues. My husband and I have been married for 13 years and we’ve had a lot of ups and downs. We’ve had trust issues one after another. I feel in my heart and in my soul that he has began having another affair. I know that he is my soulmate and that God wants us to be together. I have fought and fought for our marriage and I’m seeking for answers on what to do. I’m lost and I need to find the correct path to follow. I know that we’ve overcome many things and for awhile we do great and have the best marriage. Then after awhile it goes right back to the bad feelings and depression. I just want my marriage and my family to be united as one. I want us to conquer this together. I want to finally feel that just I am enough for him. I need rest and I don’t get any because my mind will not shut off. I need peace within myself. I feel as though I’m a failure. So if you could please lift us up. My husband is not a Christian and I’ve prayed for him to find God because once he does I know that we will finally be the family that we are to be. Thank you for the prayers I truly depend on God for everything.

    • rochelle says:

      Anna, God will see you through. Face the pain and renew your mind with truth. You are not a failure. You are the beloved daughter of the King of Kings. You are loved more than you’ll ever know. Amen

    • Rose Walker says:

      Father in the name of Jesus, I lift up Anna before you as she feels she’s a failure and in need of rest and peace. Lord, bless your daughter Anna with your peace and comfort that surpasses all understanding. I take authority over depression that’s trying to overtake Anna through her marriage. I lift up her husband before you Lord, asking that you create in him a new heart and restore the right spirit in him. Lord send godly mature christian men in his path to minister to him and bless his spirit to hear what the spirit is saying unto him. Bless Anna husband with your grace and mercy as he bows down to you in repentance. Lord I ask your will be done in Anna life, her husband and their marriage. This I pray in Jesus name, amen.

  238. Jennifer says:

    My daughter got injured a couple of weeks ago in her first softball game of her high school season. This is also her last season of high school sports as she just graduated. God has graciously healed her quickly and her doctor has cleared her to play again. She is still waiting for her to coach to put her back into the lineup and she is trying to have faith that she’ll get to play again. I would appreciate your prayers that God would remind her coach what an asset she has been to the team all these years and allow her to finish out the rest of her season playing with her team. Thank you so much! I know God’s plans are best!

    • I’m a mother, too, and I offered up a prayer for your daughter. We are only as happy as our unhappiest child.

  239. Marybeth says:

    I need prayers for my husband. He is lost to us. If God does not intervene, I don’t see any other path but divorce. I do not want to follow that path. I don’t want my daughters to be from a broken family but I have done everything I know to do. I am scared all the time. I am full of anxiety. He is very sick, mentally and emotionally. I don’t know if there is any hope for us.

  240. Please pray for my son who is taking the ACT this week. He has a lot of trouble concentrating. Please pray for him to be able to concentrate and process things and that he would be able to recall what he knows. He has a call to the ministry and is going to college this fall to prepare.

    • Sheila Mangum says:


      May Your child have the mind of Christ as he tries his very best to test! Thank You for calling this man of God to minister to Your people. You have set Him apart and have MARVELOUS plans for him. May he be transformed in His mind and transformed in his heart to be prepared to advance Your kingdom for such a time of this! May Your Word dwell richly in his life and may His hands be set firm on the plow! Bless his faithful mother beyond her wildest dreams for her love and devotion to You and Your ways! May her prayers be a sweet fragrance to YOU!

      Amen and AMEN!
      “Who has known the mind of the Lord so as to instruct him?” But we have the mind of Christ. 1Corinthians 2:16.

  241. Pray for success with my new boss at work and that I will glorify God in all I say & do. For my son Chris that he will seek God in all he does. That The Lord will bring him a godly wife and they will both serve Him and be in Christ.

    • Sheila Mangum says:


      Terri has gifts that shine! May the work she puts forth be honored and appreciated by her new boss. May she prosper at all she puts her hands to. May the cry of this mother’s heart, for YOUR highest and best for her son, bring forth Your hand to direct steps to Your perfect will and no less! May this family see the POWER of their God in their lives and be amazed as they set themselves apart for YOU.

      Amen and AMEN!
      “Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the LORD will do amazing things among you.” Joshua 3:5

    • Darlene Burch says:

      And God is able to make all grace abound toward you, that you, always having all sufficiency in all things, may have an abundance for every good work. 2 Corinthians 9:8
      May God pour out His Spirit on your son Chris and give him a hunger to seek the things of God. I pray the Chris’s wife is praying for him now, even before they meet that God has ordained their relationship and they will serve God together with all their hearts, souls and minds.
      In the Mighty Name of Jesus we pray.

  242. Darlene Burch says:

    My Sisters Loved by God, please pray with me for immediate financial needs to pay bills due. I also desire to be in CA by Thursday this week to be with my daughter for the birth of her third child. I know God can give to us abundantly above all I can think our ask.
    I am also seeking employment and trusting God for a job that will use my all of my experiences, professional & personal to glorify Him, along with great pay and benefits, as well as scheduling that works with my family dynamics.
    Love & Blessings,

    • Sheila Mangum says:


      You have a plan for Darlene that is more than she could ever dream or imagine! Thank you for that Father! I ask this plan be revealed to her as she is seeking to provide for her family, be there for her family, and to bring YOU glory! You promise to be Darlene’s provider. Jehovah-Jireh. May all she needs be supplied… in abundance!

      Amen and AMEN!
      And God is able to bless you abundantly, so that in all things at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work. 2 Corinthians 9:8

    • rochelle says:

      Darlene, where in CA. If it’s near Los Angeles, I have a spare bedroom and bathroom. You are welcome to stay :-).

      • Darlene Burch says:

        How sweet, her husband is a marine and they are stationed at Camp Pendington, near San Deigo. Thank you so much for your generous offer. God bless you.

    • rochelle says:

      we’re less than 2 hours away so the offer still holds 🙂 bless you and your daughter and the birth of her baby.

  243. Happy Sunday:)
    Please pray for my mother-in-law as she is having a mastectomy tomorrow morning. She’s 75 years old. Thank you & God bless.

    • Sheila Mangum says:

      Great Physician,

      Thank You for taking SUCH GOOD care of Your children. I ask, in the mighty Name of Jesus, You take great care of Your beloved during her surgery tomorrow morning. I ask she heal speedily and may she feel Your presence throughout the day and night. May she rest in Your amazing love.

      Amen and AMEN!
      And Jesus went forth, and saw a great multitude, and was moved with compassion toward them, and he healed their sick. Matthew 14:14

    • Darlene Burch says:

      Praise God for a His Word and Salvation and all the benefits that He has promised us. Not only does He forgive our sins but He heals our diseases (Psalm 103:2-3). Marty that includes your mother-in-law. I pray for everyone that will be involved in her surgery and care, that God guides them in providing extraordinary care for her and for a speedy recovery.
      Peace to you and your family as you stand with her during this time.
      In the Mighty Name of Jesus (the only Name that Saves) we pray.

  244. Could you please pray for my husband and the restoration of our marriage? After only one year of marriage, he asked for a divorce last summer. I have been praying and standing for my marriage since last August 2014. He has no desire to reconcile and now won’t even speak to me. Please pray that the Holy Spirit will convict his heart and change his mind. We are both Christians and we have no Biblical grounds. We both hurt each other by being sinful and selfish, but I know with God’s help we could forgive and learn to love each other again. Our next court date is June 30th and if I don’t sign the papers on irreconcilable differences, he is threatening to change the grounds to mental cruelty and then we would have to go to trial and testify against each other. This is such a mess and he is so different than the man I used to know. I have been so sad. Thank you for your support.

    • Sheila Mangum says:


      When two hearts are broken Satan has many cracks to enter in and cause such pain. I ask in the mighty Name of Jesus that You do a divine intervention of reconciliation to this marriage. Not only to heal two if Your children’s hearts but to reconcile what You have put together for YOUR GLORY! Be with my sister as she wars for her marriage and may she remember… love conquers ALL!

      Amen and AMEN!
      Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins. 1 Peter 4:8

    • Awe, sorry! God is good & He is in control. Nothing is too hard or too difficult for Him. Psalm 27:13-14 has become my current life verse. My husband left me after 17 years of marriage & then divorced me this past December after 5.5 years of separation. This coming Saturday will be or would be our 23rd anniversary. Anyhoo, nothing that happens to us is a surprise to Him. Father I praise You because You are faithful, compassionate & patient. Thank You for always hearing us when we pray and coming quickly to our rescue. Thank You Father for working all things out for Your daughter’s good.

    • Darlene Burch says:

      Father we thank you for the Your plan of marriage and ask these hearts be healed and this marriage be restored. I pray that they make allowances for each other’s faults and walk in love and forgiveness (Colossians 3:13, 1 Peter 4:8).
      In the Mighty Name of Jesus we pray.

  245. I just would like to cry out for prayer for my family. The father of my child (who is not in a stable place or healthy currently) is entering a plea for a felony dwi on Thursday. He has pushed this out for over a year and I’m just praying for a sentence and closure so that my child and I can heal and move forward. I’m also pursuing full custody for her and have a trial on July 8. Please pray my long wait can be over and God will reveal his miraculous plan for us and for healing. Please pray for our safety and for her father, that his sentence is appropriate enough to promote a deep change in his heart so he can one day be the father God intended him to be.

    And lastly please pray for my strength. I’ve been in a season of waiting for a long time and while I have seen Gods hand in this the whole time i do not have much left in me. I’m hanging by a thread and desperately need all the prayers possible.

    Thank so much in advance, you will never know how much I truly appreciate it all.

    • Sheila Mangum says:


      Thank you that Your mighty hand has been firmly yet lovingly holding this family the WHOLE TIME and that You will NEVER leave them nor forsake them. You have started a “good work” and you will finish it beautifully, miraculously, and abundantly. You are the Just Judge and Your plan is for their highest and best! Wrap Your LOVE around the weary heart of my sister whom You adore this moment!

      Amen and AMEN!
      …..being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus. (Philippians 1:6)

    • Darlene Burch says:

      Jamie, Psalm 30:5 tells us that joy comes in the morning. I pray that your long season of “just hanging on” is over and you become overwhelmed with breakthrough joy. May you find favor (Proverbs 3:4) in your custody hearing. I pray that God shows up BIG for you and your child to meet your every need. May He give you peace and direction for your new season.
      In the Mighty Name of Jesus we pray.

  246. Julaine says:

    Dear sisters in Christ,

    My 16yr old daughter has no motivation to study. We’re 1st generation emigrants, who have to be educated to hold a good job. We sacrificed and it was only the Lord Grace that helped us.

    Please pray that she will have confidence in herself through God as she can do all things through Christ who strengthens her. ….Please she has to be free of Satan’s bondage.

    Please please pray that she will study for her uni entrance exam.

    • Sheila Mangum says:


      Your ear hears the cries of Your children! A mother praying Your highest and best for her daughter is a prayer Your ear is especially attentive to! In the mighty name of Jesus, I ask this daughter find her confidence in her identity, as a child of the One True King. I pray she understands she has the mind of Christ to do all things to accomplish Your will! She can do all things with Your mighty strength.
      Amen and AMEN!

      I can do all things through Christ[a] who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13

    • Darlene Burch says:

      I pray your dear daughter knows that she is fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14), that she has a sound mind (2 Timothy 1:7), and she know that God has a plan and purpose for her life (Jeremiah 29:11).
      I stand in agreement with you that the attacks of the enemy will be bound from her life and the Truth of God loosed for her to know Jesus (Matthew 18:18).
      I pray for God to give you direction as you parent according to His Word and will.
      In the Mighty Name of Jesus we pray.

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